Noon Games Open Thread

Submitted by orobs on November 12th, 2011 at 11:45 AM

Some big noon games today, including MSU @ Iowa, Nebraska @ PSU and OSU @ Purdue, among others



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Herbstreit says all he can think of when he hears UM/ILL is last years 67-65 game. Not mentioning it was in 3 OT, he then says it will be an ugly game for the winner. Wow, thanks for your insight, douche. (he said this earlier about the winner winning ugly, not during their pick segment)

One Inch Woody…

November 12th, 2011 at 12:02 PM ^

This was too emotional to watch... I hope Penn State wins. It's a sad feeling when your whole world collapses around you and to fight back and win one for the university at this time and bring unity and togetherness would be just perfect.

Avant's Hands

November 12th, 2011 at 12:07 PM ^

If we win out, Nebraska is no threat to us in the division so it does not really matter to us if they win today or not. Personally, I want them to win so it looks better when we beat them and because I do not want PSU anywhere near the B1G championship game.


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Very nice to see Nebraska and PSU meet to pray. In a week that has been almost more focused on Joe Paterno than the victims, its good to see the players show their respect for those kids.


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Their school helped cover up the molestation of little boys. They don't deserve any redemption for that. The players may not have had anything to do with it, but coaches, administrators, and the school at large did. They certainly don't deserve any catharsis just because the players are caught in the crossfire. Penn State playing for/winning the title would be an embarrassment to the whole Big Ten.
<br>They can lose by 50. They in no way have "suffered enough" as a community.


November 12th, 2011 at 12:30 PM ^

And if the people who helped facilitate their victimization get some comfort by the same thing that comforts the players, it's not worth it. It's been a bad week for Penn State. Considering what was done to little children that will scar them for life, not bad enough; and a week not long enough. After they've cleaned house and a new season comes, then MAYBE they deserve "a healing moment". Certainly not yet.
<br>These people are holding up "this one's for you, Joe" signs. The players are collateral damage. But they've hardly suffered so much that they're "owed" or "deserve" a victory. Because the school hasn't earned any redemption yet.


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No matter how much time passes redemption will not come from what happens on the field.
<br>However, a sense of normalcy can start to return. This game should be cathartic for the community at large. That some of the guilty will also solace makes little difference to me. They are but a tiny portion of a larger community. My empathy is for the gat majority. I do to wish to see them suffer for the despicable acts of a few.


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And makes coaches believe they are above having to report this stuff? That the program image is more important than doing the right thing?
<br>The "community" has shown an outpouring of support not primarily for the victims, but the people who have been fired. And rioted over it. This is hardly a "community" with perspective and remorse.

turd ferguson

November 12th, 2011 at 1:01 PM ^

You guys are having an interesting debate, but I think I agree with M-Wolverine.  Your view seems to lead to some odd conclusions.  For example, when a program is caught cheating (OSU, USC, etc.), is it illegitimate to cheer against them just because the majority wasn't involved?  When a program displays MSU-style dirty play that seems to be endorsed (or at least tolerated) by the coaching staff - but most players play cleanly - is that not reason to root against them?

I like the point above about the players being unfortunate collateral damage.  At PSU, a whole lot people (other than Sandusky) acted inappropriately, and that includes extremely central, powerful figures and a major part of the community as a whole.