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Submitted by alum96 on November 14th, 2015 at 11:59 AM

Our first and second most important rivals face off in Champaign (ABC) and then our fifth most important rival hosts the Turrible Terps (ESPN2).

Just from a curiosity standpoint perhaps the widest line I can recall seeing btw 2 teams from the same P5 conf is today where TCU is favored by 45 over the smoldering remains of Charlie Weiss (FS1).  Who is still getting paid!

For those who hate their eyeballs, I present to you the BTN game with Purdue traveling to NW.  The Flailing Narduzzis travel to Duke in a game there can be no winners on ESPNU.  Whodda thunk GA v Auburn would be a meaningless Nov game back in August? (CBS)



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As long as we win out and MSU loses once more than we are guarenteed the division.  Ohio State could lose every remaining game of theirs and we'd still be above a two conference loss MSU.

That being said, if we want a longshot chance at going to the CFP, then we probably need to beat undefeated OSU and Iowa.


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msu has to lose again, we have to win out and if osu's only loss is us that's fine. So, oddly, we need osu to beat msu unless msu drops another in other two games. What osu does outside of msu is irrelevant unless it's losing out (lol) and msu loses today or the final week. Just take the easiest road and think of it as we need to win out and osu beat msu.


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Nothing like seeing OSU and Illinois play for that Illibuck turtle thing.

So many teams tried to recreate the little brown jug and failed miserably. The jug was part of an actual Michigan/Minnesota game over 100 years ago. The rest of these "trophy games' were invented from random crap that has nothing to do with anything.

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I've got FS1 on one screen here - it's very kind of them to try and find positive things to say about Kansas. You would think that they'd figure in "You Had One Job" more over at ESPN, but even they shy away from easy pickings.

Meanwhile, Michigan Sate starting early with the defensive PI gifting, and then a little offside call for good measure. Of course, Maryland will have none of this good field position and promptly coughs it up - MSU ball.