Noah Spence to OSU

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News is on Twitter, on a phone and too lazy to try and provide a link.



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Maybe we can get Tom Brady to do a little recruiting for us sometime in the future.  He'll probably have 4 or 5 SB rings by the time he retires (hopefully).  Also he just might be impressive to high potential QB recruits.

Darth Wolverine

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I also just appreciate information. So many people get angry and vote threads down if there isn't a link, video, or picture. I can't see any reason why someone would make a thread that is a lie. If I read something on here, I'm 99% sure it's true.


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the kid said he didn't think osu would get hit with harsh repercussions. aka, meyer is either lying his ass off, or the ncaa's nose is up ohio's ass, because they deserve extreme penalties for their transgressions. 

i honestly think it's time for the ncaa to come with it's decision.  old thinking was let the dark cloud hang over the program as long as possible, but with the way meyer is sweeping it under the rug and blowing sunshine up every unsuspecting 17 yr old's skirt, it'd be better served to have the hammer come down BEFORE the signing date.  this delay is getting ridiculous and grossly favors osu.


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They are going to have a ridiculous D-Line.  Gotta hand it to Urban, he really is turning some heads.  I honestly believe we are heading back to Michigan-Ohio and the little 10.


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that matters. The only reason the defense was so good at Florida was because of Mattison. The only reason the offense was so good at Florida was because of Mullen. I'll take a bunch of 3 and 4 stars with Mattison against a bunch of 4 and 5 stars with Fickell anyday. Just wait until all the 4 and 5 stars Mattison recruited get on campus. This defense will be scary.


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No offense, but that's a pretty myopic view of the situation.  You know that Fickell has been the assistant D coordinator since 2005, right?  The defenses at OSU have been phenominal under his watch, and I expect no different now.  No doubt Hoke and Mattison have shown that they will be successful, but your statement is ludicrous.  If anything, this rivalry will benefit from having the 2 strongest programs in the Big 10.  But, hey, I guess you can believe anything you want to.


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doesn't matter. Mattison is a much, much better coordinator than Fickell. And are you saying that Heacock had nothing to do with the success of the defense? I've seen nothing that says Heacock is returning and even if he does return, Mattison is still better. Frankly, I'm not being myopic at all. Compare Florida's offense with Mullen and without Mullen. Compare Florida's defense with Mattison and without Mattison. Yeah, you can believe in anything you want to. You're believing in the "freak out because ESPN is telling me to" dogma while I'm taking the "we have Brady Hoke, Greg Mattison, a great recruting class, and Ohio is about to get hit hard with sanctions" alternative.


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you mean that defense in 2008, which finished 4th in scoring and 9th in total defense without Mattison? The same one that was half of the squad that won the National Championship?  Or how about 2009 where the Gators finished 4th and 4th, respectively, on defense.  Not to mention 6th in total offense in 2009 without Mullen.  2010 was a down year, surely, but it's pretty shortsighted to believe that Meyer can't put together great teams without Mattison/Mullen.

If you haven't gathered by now, I am an Ohio State fan (nay, an Ohio fan), albeit one who can see through a lot of the bullshit and usually have a pretty good sense of humor about it.  I'm happy to talk football and know that I'm in enemy territory, but please put away the rose-colored glasses for about 2 minutes.  Michigan fans shouldn't be freaking out, but to act like Urban isn't an elite coach who will have Ohio State winning at a steady clip is just as asinine of a position.

As for Heacock, he was an instrumental figure , and I'm sure that his presence will be missed.  Just don't underestimate Fickell as a DC, like you seem to be doing.


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on a board on website that is entirely focused on Michigan athletics.  You really take this board voting stuff seriously, don't you?    You could probably go to some PSU or Indiana message boards if you would like content that is neutral as between Michigan and OSU.  In fact,  I strongly encourage you to go to such boards exclusively, so that Mgoboard's homerism does not sully your view on college athletics.


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as the state of Florida? Meyer can't just have his pick of the crop anymore. FSU, Florida, Miami, and the other SEC schools have established bases there in Meyer's absence. Sure he'll be able to get some, but not as frequently as at Florida. And OSU lost their hold on Ohio with Tat-gate. And you do remember that Meyer said that Mattison was THE best recruiter? Instead of panicking and looking ahead to future with dread, I look ahead to the future with anticipation of what Hoke and Co. will be able to accomplish. 


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Ohio is, year in and year out, one of the top HS talent producers in the nation. He can get PLENTY of talent in Ohio. Easily as much as he did at Florida.

HOWEVA, I don't think anyone should assume he's just gonna come out firing on all cylinders in game one or anything. And definitley should nobody assume we can't take him. We can. But don't kid yourself. He's gonna get talent, and he's gonna be good.


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Meyer may not come out firing from all cyclinders on day one, but he's got a damn good QB in Braxton Miller to run the system he wants.  I don't think it will take him long to get the offense putting points up.


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Ohio State lost their hold on Ohio because of tat-gate? We lost one kid, you are over dramatizing it a bit. I can't imagine you honestly believe Ohio State lost it's recruiting hold on the state. If OSU want's a top kid in Ohio, 9 out of 10 times it will get him. Just because Kalis jumped ship doesn't mean it's an epidemic, especially with Meyer and probably no further sanctions.


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So now that St. Urban's in town you've come back to posting on the MGoBlog. You drink the kool aid that he's selling about no further sanctions and (as if) Ohio is going to get a top kid 9 timews out of 10...Jon, stop fantasizing that your boosters are still paying players, that they are still getting tats/blunt at a discount for shoes they got from your equipment managers or just plain stole from the equipment room, that local auto dealerships are offering interesting discounts to players or their families and playing free rounds of golf at Scioto. It's not 2007 any longer Jon and there is a new sheriff in Ann Arbor.

Certainly, Urban will get a lot of talent in Ohio but don't sleep on Michigan, Hoke or Mattison taking players they want. Meet the new boss, Jon, same as the old boss.

Welcome back, internet tough guy.


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How am I an Internet tough guy? What did I say that was dickish? Plus, I post here all the time? I'm saying Ohio State, based on past precedent, is going to get the best Ohio talent 9 times out of 10. They did it when Bo coached, they did it when Carr coached, why would it be any different under Hoke? The guy is obviously a great recruiter, but I think it's a bit much to assume Michigan is going to cherry pick Ohio kids whenever they want. And consider the Kool-aid finished. Though it's not coming from Urban, it's coming from the fact that no prior case with charges equal to OSU's has ever resulted in a bowl ban, or from the fact that OSU's actual punishments fit the actual crimes that were proven. Go ahead, pretend that OSU used rampant cheating to secure the last decade, but the NCAA, the facts and the penalties will show that worse case 2010 was the only year of wrongdoing, and all players/coaches involved were either suspended or fired. The arrogance is hilarious. You haven't been OSU's boss since 1927. Get a grip.


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Well, I'll be your huckleberry Jon.

If by posting here "all the time" you mean that your last three posts were 3 weeks ago and your most recent post before that was 13 weeks ago then I suppose you figure that the seasons change frequently also? A regular you certainly are not...but armed with this new bravado with the hiring of St. Urban following your 40-34 loss here you are talking this inanity.

Jon, I am sure that as an Ohio fan you enjoy a level of delusion about the Tressel years but any rational examination tells us that there is no question there was "rampant cheating". You are going to deny Clarett, Smith, Pryor, Posey, Adams...Jon, I could go on...and on...and on, actually. In each case there are proven violations. 

Are you really saying Troy Smith didn't take money? Do you sleep easy knowing the worldwide leader is going to uncover the emails from Tressel to Sarniak implicating Gee and Smith? 

I like how you seem to have conveniently forgotten 2 - 10 - 1. The new boss is the same as the old boss. Sleep well Jon.


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Troy Smith took $500 from a booster, was suspended for 2 games his sophomore/junior seasons and forced to give it back. Mo Clarett was suspended for the season, and then kicked off the team for lying about the value of goods stolen from his car to police. Posey/Pryor/Adams/etc. were suspended 5 games each, Posey got 10 for being a super dumbass. But please, go on ... and on ... and on. I'd love to hear these other cases, so would the NCAA. One person in 2003, one person in 2004 and five people in 2010 is far from "rampant," and all of them were punished harshly. I didn't forget 2-10-1, but you want to blame 1-9 on cheating, as if those tattoos on five players 1) made them come here and 2) made them play better. Really? REALLY!? Seth and Amy are working on the new sketch right now. Again, you aren't OSU's boss anymore--WWI ended, like a long time ago. Enojoy the Urban Meyer era, it's going to be very similar to the Jim Tressel one.