No.2 ranked 2018 QB Matt Corral decomits from USC

Submitted by rainingmaize on June 17th, 2017 at 12:22 PM Pretty shocking development. I know he received a lot of Michigan interest early on, any chance we get back into the game here? Seems like Georgia and Bama are the big players early on for some reason.



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There's another show I remember catching some 20 years after it went off the air in the very early days of Nick-At-Nite. Strangely enough, for a few shining months in the summer of 1987, WKBD TV20 in Detroit showed "The Virginian" in syndication. It made decent rainy afternoon viewing.

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Ever hear Mel Brooks talk about having Frankie Laine sing the theme song to Blazing Saddles? They put out an ad for a cowboy singer like Laine to sing a song and Frankie Laine himself showed up. He sang it straight and they didn't have the heart to tell him it was a goof. He tells it better than I do.


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I think it's going to be hard to get another top guy with Peters and McCaferry already on campus. Along with Milton committed. I do think they need another QB in the class.


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Well Matt Corral's projected top-2 schools are:


  • Jacob Eason (So.) - Class of 2016: #5 overall, #2 Pro-QB
  • Jake Fromm (Fr.) - Class of 2017: #47 overall, #3 Pro-QB


  • Jalen Hurts (So. + incumbent starter): Class of 2016: #177 overall, #3 Dt-QB
  • Tua Tagovailoa (Fr): Class of 2017: #32 overall, #1 Dt-QB
  • Mac Jones (Fr.): Class of 2017: #283 overall, #12 Pro-QB

So I'm guessing competition won't be the reason if Corral declines Michigan.


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I know weird shit happens and that this goes against Harbaugh's instincts (which makes me wrong by default), but I don't think we need a 2nd QB, so long as we take 2 next year. We are stockpiled at the position. We can take a cannon this year as a developmental guy and shoot for the big boys next year. I would use the scholarship on a lineman.


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I'm fine with Milton, and excited to see how Harbaugh develops him. But there is a chance we may not be as loaded at QB in a couple of years. I might be reaching here, but If Peters beats out McCaffrey, I can't see the latter staying around to only play one year (unless Peters blows up and leaves early). If Milton doesn't pan out, we would be putting a lot of pressure on recruiting a QB in 2019. With Milton being such a project, I could see why the staff was interested in taking two QBs this cycle. 

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I would say it depends on who the QB is we add to the class. To take a guy just to take one doesn't make sense to me. One developmental QB in a class is enough. If someone like Corral was available, sure, take him. But otherwise, I would pass on a project this year. Speight has two more years unless he blows up or crashes this year (or he turns into Peters' Wally Pipp) and even if McCafferty loses out to Peters in 2019, he won't leave until 2020.


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Huh, that is really odd. I went to the Elite 11 Finals here locally a few weeks ago. I noticed one kid with hat backwards, chewing gum, uber confident and it was this kid, had USC written all over him.

Odd that he and Fields both have made changes to their recruitment since that event.


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There were all kinds of rumors out there that Fields was a decommit possibility, especially since he is a southern guy receiving big time interest from SEC schools. There was noting brewing with Corral, and he is a local kid. Either he just wants to enjoy the process, or something changed and he wants out of California. 


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players that arn`t even on campus yet  and you have them transfering out for lack of playing time? some of you have way to much time on your hands.


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Only 1 person can play at QB. We already have quite a few talented QB's coming in. I can't see the appeal of playing for 1, maybe 2 years if you're lucky. The more the merrier but I don't see it happening.

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It probably isnt a bad idea to bring in 2 QBs per year. Not even taking transfers into account, a season ends too damn quickly for the most important position on the field. A talented defensive end can cause havok on opposing teams season.


That isnt even talking about the Antonio Bass type freak accident that ends entire careers.


Yeah, count me among those that like to have plenty of back up at QB.


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Why are top QB's still going to Alabama? I completely understand when the 5 star RB or DL recruits pick Bama. And sure, Bama is such a good program that I understand that they'd have their pick of decent 4 star QB's.

But why would elite 5 star QB prospects consider them? Wouldn't you want to work for a head coach and offensive staff that has had at least some success producing quality NFL QB's? Saban's best NFL QB is...Greg McElroy?

EDIT: I forgot that AJ McCarron started 4 games in 2015. So, I guess that makes him the best Saban-produced QB.


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This is an interesting question.  Alabama is not really known for QBs.  Saban is (mostly) a defensive guy.  He seems to be the type that prefers a predictable "game manager" type QB rather than a high-upside / high-variable type.  They win by having so much skill at all positions, not be relying on the QB as much as other schools.

So why would a top QB go there?  I'm thinking maybe because it's nice to be part of a juggernaut like that?  Or that the QB gets "credit" for wins when it was (perhaps) more due to other parts of the team?


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I'm normally all for depth at the quarterback position, but weigh a small class this year it seems almost wasteful to use two scholarships this year. Let's roll with Milton and try for two next year.