No wonder MSU is MSU

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You lose to Nebraska, and your DC has to bring up Michigan

Chris Balas @Balas_Wolverine

Narduzzi on Martinez: "He's faster than Denard, even though he thinks he's as fast as (Usain) Bolt. (Martinez is) flat-out faster."

edit: I guess in some fairness, he was asked to compare Martinez to Robinson. But to bring up the Bolt reference is just plain douchebag.


eamus_caeruli (not verified)

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Attention all DI athletic directors, this is what you might hire. Narduzzi could destroy your credibility and reputation. He isn't very accountable and likes to call out players who didn't even play against MSU.

Oh and so I get it in today, been awhile...seriously, who cares!! Ignore the pests!


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Pat needs to just admit that his D had a bad game. He's basically trying to cover for himself by also taking a shot at us.

This is exhibit #43097 of why MSU is and always will be the little brother whether you want to officially call it that or not. Everything must involve Michigan someho


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I just thought it was sweet when Dantonio shoved away the camera after the game.  I didn't think he'd be so upset considering they only lost to hurt Michigan.


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And what about the phantom PI call against Nebraska, or the personal foul that only happened because the MSU guy shoved Stafford into Maxwell long after the play had ended?

What about those penalties?  Oh, right, they benefitted MSU so they don't matter.


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MSU has been called several times on "late" hits out of bounds that weren't as bad as the Nebraska hit. U-M fans wouldn't know what that's like -- for example, hitting our punter when he was out of bounds and having the officials just stare.

That PI was against the Nebraska player, and the call against Adams was a joke. Adams caught up with Dennard, so how can the guy he blocked be considered "out of the play"? The only good thing about the loss is that it lowers U-M's chances of going to the Rose Bowl. I'd much rather take an MSU win, though.

What phantom PI against Nebraska are you talking about? On each one the defender wrapped around the receiver with the off arm.

MSU has lost four B1G games by four points or less. That's clearly a weakness of the team but it's hardly like Spartan teams prior to Dantonio.

BTW, you're 1-4 against MSU the last four years. See you in East Lansing next year.


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You guys won four straight on us.  But those are the only wins you've had against us in the last 11 years.  So we're 7-4 against you since 2002.  I hope you enjoyed those four wins, becuase you're not going to get many more any time soon.  Those days of Maize and Blue mediocrity are passing in the rear view mirror.


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I hate the whole, "you shouldn't have let the referees be in a position to cost you the game" argument (the object of a game is to beat the other team, not the other team and the officials), but I just have to say it always looks really bush league when players complain about officials like this.

You didn't want to lose that game, Mr. Bell? Rush for more yards, score more TD's, catch another pass, fire up your teammates more. You don't want to lose, Mr. Williamson? How about trying to hold their offense under 473 yards? How about making another tackle, or encourage your QB when he goes 9/27 for 4.3YPA.


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Vintage Sparty. Crucial personal foul penalty and they give up a big play on 4th down.

A Sparty win may have sent us to the Rose Bowl but to Hell with them. We are going somewhere warm to play an important game. Sparty is scrapping for the Pizza Bowl.


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As a DC, Coach Narduzzi maybe (intentionally or not) missing the real point about the difference between Taylor Martinez and Denard Robinson as running QBs.

We all have seen that both are fast - really fast, but the one area which Taylor Martinez does excel is in his mesh ball fake. It was a huge part of why he was successful against MSU. His ball fake really pulled the DL, LBs and Safeties one or more gaps over which gave him the room to get to full speed. In a match race on a track, I think DR is faster, and because he is smaller and lighter, he would probably take Martinez in a 100 yards or 100 meters. But as a deceptive ball handler, Martinez is demonstrably better than most running QBs today.



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I think his comment on Denard is a bit overblown already but he certainly could have answered that a bit more...tactfully or professionally. He certainly seemed like he was trying to use the question to take a shot at Denard rather than just answering honestly that he felt Martinez was faster

Perkis-Size Me

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Sparty is so pathetic. Everything they do has to revolve around what Michigan does, and what Michigan is. They try so hard to not be looked on as a little brother, but they do it to themselves.

Whiny bitches who have to take shots t Michigan however they can get them. Have fun at the Pizza Bowl, Sparty.