No wonder MSU is MSU

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You lose to Nebraska, and your DC has to bring up Michigan

Chris Balas @Balas_Wolverine

Narduzzi on Martinez: "He's faster than Denard, even though he thinks he's as fast as (Usain) Bolt. (Martinez is) flat-out faster."

edit: I guess in some fairness, he was asked to compare Martinez to Robinson. But to bring up the Bolt reference is just plain douchebag.


The Baughz

November 3rd, 2012 at 9:19 PM ^

Dont want to defend Narduzzi, but he basically was asked to compare Martinez to Denard and Braxton. All he did was answer the question. Of course he was beinh a dick and was intentionally taking a shot at Michigan and Denard, but what do you expect from them?


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I won't post the twitters from their players, but lets just say they think they aren't the reason they lost this game or any other for that matter. LeVeon Bell especially...


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Why the hell is everyone making a big deal about Denard vs. Usain? It was an inoccuous statement said for fun yet everyone is treating it's like some big call-out challenge. I get Narduzzi bringing it up because he's obsessed, but Lolo Jones had to say something about it on Gameday too. Good lord. 

Southern Blue

November 3rd, 2012 at 10:23 PM ^

People make a big deal about because they assume (not unreasonably) that all athletes are arrogant pricks.  They just can't fathom a well known athlete could say something like that as a joke.  They don't know that Denard is one of the nicest guys in sports so they just assume he actually believes this.


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Seriously, does anyone in the Detroit media pay attention to this? These players are babies, jerks, undisciplined on the field, dirty, etc.  The football players of the state's second largest university making asses of themselves on the regular is not a story?

I can't explain how embarassed I would be if Hoke allowed his players to say these things.


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If we know Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio at all, we know he won't like his players publicly commenting like this, but this is the beauty of social media.


You don't know Dantonio at all. This twitter thing already happened this year.  He already tried to put a stop to it.  He can't because his players don't give a shit what he says. 


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I like how they always accuse us of making excuses and now that they're losing they say stupid stuff like theyshould be 8-1 and the refs have been against them all year, and they actually beat Michigan because they scored a touchdown when Michigan did not.


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They did pretty much cost MSU the OSU game. The Iowa and Michigan games were lost because of missed field goals, but the refs called a player down when he clearly wasn't during the OSU game. That was going to be a TD, and that happened at a pretty crucial point in the game. 


November 4th, 2012 at 9:47 AM ^

Not trying to make excuses, because we shouldnt have put ourselves in a position to let a ref decide those games

You already know about OSU, the fumble recovery

Iowa - Ref missed a leg whip on the touchdown run, that ref has since been downgraded because of that. 

Michigan - i guess the players believe Denard's knee was down on the 3rd and short run, i didn't find any evidence to call it either way. 

Nebraska and OSU are legitimate, but i honestly dont think the Iowa or Michigan thing would have mattered at all. Iowa would have probably gotten the TD the next play, and Michigan probably wouldve picked up a 4th and inches. Losing 4 games by a combined 10 points must be tough on a player though.