No UM/OSU Game Is Complete without a Dead Schembechler Thread

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(I'll admit I love their shtick. It's been great for the rivalry.)



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These guys are loved around here and it might be the most annoying thing on Earth. I work at a law firm and to hear the guy in the office next to me blasting "Chad Henne is a Joke" makes me sick.

And since I don't have enough points to post, you guys might want to know that Johnny made a post on RBUAS: Can someone bump it? It's about Minor RAGE and it's as awesome as always.


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UM players have been playing through pain in many ways this year, and it's bound to develop character in those who overcome that pain. I think it will pay off, sooner or later, hopefully sooner, like Saturday.

In any case, OSU players, who are not generally chosen for character, seem to me to have endured far less. When I hear self-absorbed players, like Pryor, worshipping convicts and saying things like "everybody kills," I become more and more convinced they must be taking a drug called


The Bugle

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I also am pretty amused by the Dead Schembechlers. I think "Chad Henne is a Joke" is a pretty hilarious song. I remember reading an article somewhere that said Chad's fiancee thought the song was hilarious and was part of her "work-out mix."

Also, watching their lead singer on the HBO "The Game" Documentary juxtaposed against Mike Wallace is classic.