No sleeves for the rest of the season

Submitted by Helloheisman on November 9th, 2011 at 10:39 AM

After discussing with friends about the fan base unity in not tieing shoes in denards honor. We have since discussed not wearing long sleeves the rest of the season to work or to games and it seems to be catching on in Coach Hokes honor. Any grass roots interest from the mgoblog community? 



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Back when I was in college and broke I worked at a coffee shop. I wore shorts until it got to about 30 degrees.

Unfortunately I have a real job now that requires pants and a dress shirt.

I'm going to point at someone today though to honor Hoke.


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Not signature enough?

Denard not tying his shoes is so well known that people understand the nickname "Shoelace." Do people get that Hoke doesn't wear long sleeves? 

Maybe pointing constantly would be more indicative of our support for Hoke. I don't even raise my hand in class anymore, I just point to myself.


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Seriously, tell your OC to call a game without gimic plays, put a headset on and be engaged the entire game.  Not wearing long sleves is a gimic itself.

I love Hoke, but sometimes he misses the mark.


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There is precedent in Michigan history for this.

The 12-0 National Championship team in 1997 went short-sleeves (and NO undershirts) in the second-to-last game of the season, at Wisconsin -- it was a late-afternoon or evening game, IIRC.  It wasn't below freezing, but it was like 30s or 40s, and a wintry mix.  But the TEAM, having only two regular-season games left with tSIO looming the next week, wanted to show its mettle (or should that be "metal"?).  Team came out in short sleeves, it was cold as frak, and of course they won.  Bucky wasn't a great team that year but they were dangerous, and I think we won be a couple touchdowns, something like that.

So frankly, when I saw the title of the post, that's what I remembered.


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Does this regularly. I'm at work so I can't look it up, but the Bears played the Falcons (and Vick) in MNF a few years ago at Soldier Field in December. I think it was the Superbowl year. The announcers were talking about how miserable it was, had pictures of Vick looking miserable in a huge parka, and the bears Defense takes the field - no sleeves on anyone. Game was over before it kicked off.

Similar scene when the Saints went to Soldier for the NFC Championship Game with Reggie Bush. Playing football at USC certainly does not prepare you for the NFL and January games in Chicago or Green Bay


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Posted this, I have to ask.  Did anyone else notice during the Iowa game, that during a two back set (one guy on each side of Denard) that both guys did the Vince point and shoot thingy?  They did it one after the other, not at the same time....We need a GIF of that put up...


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I've worn long sleeves exactly once in my coaching career, even during November games.  A few years ago, my players were concentrating more on the cold than football...and they played a horrible game because of it.  Ever since then I wear shorts and short sleeves to practice, and I wear pants and short sleeves to games.  If I can block out the cold to stand on the sideline, they can block out the cold while running around on the field.

Space Coyote

November 9th, 2011 at 11:42 AM ^

I've been the same way.  When the coaches start worrying about cold or rain, players see that.  It may not seem like a big thing to outsiders who view it as the coach showing toughness (whether they think its a stupid gimmick or cool), but either consciously or subconsciously it does effect the players how the coach handles those conditions. 

Minus The Houma

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I was a receiver in high school, a fellow receiver and I would rinse our hands in cold water and go out to practice or pregame on cold days.  Specifically our Thanksgiving Day game, we played in PA so it was usally pretty cold.  It definitely got me to block out the cold.