No more Victors Walk

Submitted by dnak438 on August 29th, 2011 at 1:17 PM

per Angelique Chengelis tweet (I assume, perhaps wrongly, that this is a general policy decision rather than a decision unique to this week's game).

Too bad, it seems like most people liked it.  I don't know if this will fuel Brian's fear that we've "returned to the days when the fans were tolerated at best." But I assume that the decision is based on what's best for the team's pre-game preparation. 



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I read this on Rivals a few weeks ago but it sounds like they're more or less "tweaking it" to make it better.  I think something similar will return next year.


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I was at the closed scrimmage on friday and was told that Hoke wants the players focused on the game and their task at hand and not the fans or the hype of walking in. Wants it to be business-like and have them quickly get off the bus and file into the locker room.


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Have to agree with Hoke. The Victor's Walk, while "Fan Friendly," seems like the kind of marketing shtick Brian abhors. Regardless of what Brian, the fans, Brandon, or anyone else thinks, I like the focus on a "business like" attitude, and a focus on that day's game, rather than any hoopla.


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It's basically the team getting cheered on as they walk into the stadium. There are some cheerleaders and maybe a band member or 2, but that's the opposite of corporate. There is no pop music and no marketing company.


How about having one post game, if we win?


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I know you hated the old regime, and you have mentioned it numerous times, but do you have to spin everything they were remotely associated with as "bad?"  How does a team of STUDENT-ATHLETES walking through what is supposed to be the STUDENT BODY constitute "marketing schtick?"

As far as "business like," and "hoopla," there is a lot more "hoopla" inside the stadium than there is on the walk from the outside.  

I wish you could just give your constant whining about the old regime a bleeping rest once in awhile.  


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Really, I don't care what the players do one way or another, but I will support the coach, if that's what he thinks best. I suppose, if anything, he could ask the guys on the team what they think. I know that some athletes probably like it, and others probably couldn't care less.

Umm, regarding the old regime, I loved Carr, loved RR, was very sorry at the turn of events that led to him losing his position, and so I don't know where you're coming from. I suppose I could reference posts to back this up, but whatever. Think what you will, I don't feel the need to whine. I just support the team, and am just a simple fan. Haven't had season tickets since I graduated, and couldn't afford either the money or the time commitment to go to all the games even if I wanted to. Brian and others care a lot more about Rawk music and advertising and mascots, and those things don't matter all that much to me.

Darth Wolverine

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This is a decent point.

While I enjoyed the Victors Walk before the Sparty game last season, it was kind of overrated to be honest with you. I think it was extremely short. I still liked seeing the players in person though.

I guess I don't care if they do it or not. It's really good for the fans, but I don't think the players care either way.

Six Zero

August 29th, 2011 at 1:56 PM ^

"Hey guys, get out there and maim the enemy like vicious starving landsharks... but before you do, can you stop and smile for the crowd and maybe kiss some babies on the way to the field?"


Tha Quiet Storm

August 29th, 2011 at 1:59 PM ^

I don't really get the whole "business" atmosphere thing.  If they really want it to be business-like, why not just play in an empty stadium instead of in front of 110,000 screaming, hollering (and some ovibously inebriated) fans?  I just don't see how walking a hundred feet between some fans telling you "Go Blue" or "Good Luck" could be negative or distracting or cause you to lose focus.


August 29th, 2011 at 2:40 PM ^

Personally, I thought the players always seemed pretty business like to me when they were walking through the Victors Walk. 

They all looked serious, had headphones on, suits, etc. 

They weren't smiling, signing autographs, and kissing babies as some of you insinuated.

I'm fine with it either way though. If Hoke wants it gone, it gone. 


August 29th, 2011 at 3:31 PM ^

I thought it was a pretty cool idea at the time, but it's right to say the Victors Walk should be reserved for when the clock hits 00:00 and the Wolverines on their way back to the lockeroom.

Hoke is awesome.




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as a huge supporter of coach RR. I will forever think it was a mistake to fire him  so soon and i am also on record as not being very impressed with the coaching credentials of Hoke. No amount of pointing or uttering the word "manball" changes that. 

BUT......with that being Hoke does have the right to make any changes that he thinks will make the team better. I have no idea how this matters at all as far as the out-come of a game is concerned...but if he thinks its better this way, so be it.


Victors walk or not...i just want to win.


Especially vs. MSU...and of course that slime factory in ohio.


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Hoke knows the tradition! RR was clueless and was also clueless defensively! we are Michigan for God's sake! More wins than any other 1-A program in the country! RR could have gone after NFL D coordinators for pete's sake!

And the man knew nothing about the tradition! And he never tried to learn till he was pushed to. Bo was a student of Michigan's history! So is Hoke! RR is a great offensive coordinator but not a make the right DC pick ups kind of coach.

Ask the other schools we were the laughing stock of the Big Ten while RR was here. Our one DC rubbed stuffed animals on players on the sidelines for pete's sake. What did RR expect.

I wish we hired him as an offensive coordinator but he knows nothing about nor should hav e any contact with a Defense.

More just angry at how" ...oh we should expect this with working in the new system and all". That's why you have a defense. To smother the other team when your offense is adjusting to new players - just ask the 97 wolverines- good offense but not a point scoring machine. The D won the title that year, the offense did good.

Respect your passion for RR but just ask LT (Shark) on the movie Any Given Sunday- there are 2 sides to football. RR just forgot he could have asked anyone he wanted and ended up getting ones better than he hired.

I call us the sleeper in the Big Ten this year :)


August 29th, 2011 at 3:33 PM ^

Given how a lot of fans act, I t hink they should be "tolerated at best." The last couple of games  I've been to have been shameful. Not every fan, but enough fans booing, etc...And it wasn't just a RichRod thing. The last Carr season, I remember a lot of fans booing. Poor sportsmanship. If the players are held to a certain level of sportsmanship, the fans should be as well. 

Class of 1817

August 29th, 2011 at 3:46 PM ^

That kind of potentially-distracting hype isn't good for any team.

And it really has nothing to do with old guard vs. RR ideas.

RR's singing of The Victors to the student body is a fantastic idea that I hope will stay, not because of who thought of it...

...but because it's a great idea, as well.

Blue in Yarmouth

August 30th, 2011 at 8:57 AM ^

but if distraction is the reason for stopping the victors walk I just don't get it. I mean, if a guy gets distracted walking from a bus to the stadium between a couple hundred fans, whats he going to do during the game with 110,000 fans screaming....I just don't get that reasoning. Again, I couldn't care less whether they keep it or not, but the reasoning seems bizarre.

Class of 1817

August 30th, 2011 at 11:30 AM ^

...distracting, but if you get caught up in that, then it becomes being not caught up in the game.

Pre-game is for getting into the zone, so that by the time you hit the field, you aren't being distracted by the 100,000+...and it takes a lot of work to get to that point for most people, that's all.

But that time is best spent mentally preparing... Even if you're the most seasoned, mature, professional, it's tough to deal with much interaction with fans pre-game, and then be able to hit the court or the field ready to go.


August 29th, 2011 at 6:38 PM ^

i can see it both ways, but as a fan i wish they kept it. again though as it's been stated previously as long as they win games i don't care one way or the other.