No more stalk blocking in Mr Rogers neighborhood

Submitted by iawolve on November 18th, 2010 at 7:06 PM


I think we have come to the part of the year where our DBs need to start shedding the WR stalk blocking that showed up big time at Indiana and continued through Illinois (not even putting Purdue into the mix since it was a messed up game). Avery hasn’t gotten the worst of it, but Rogers needs to be shedding Wisconsin WRs that will gladly clear out a DB for the ground game. I would assume our own WRs do this enough in practice against our defense, but we cannot be giving up the extra 5-8 or more yards per running play to a team that will gladly grind out long drives to keep our offense on the sidelines. James should have the arm length at 6’1”, but needs to muscle up this week in particular. Extra Barwis for you sir!


(Yes, I did make the reference since it was the first time I was able to do so in any post I have ever written. For you posters younger than Gen Xers, Google it along with Captain Kangaroo to see what the old guys had for TV shows, also, get off my lawn! Damn kids…) 



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Claims that DB's should stop getting blocked

Lack of any type of conscious filter



Mix them all together.




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i don't understand.  i mean, when a cute girl's Snookalike girlfriend stands in between me and her, i still call it something else.

but hey, if those damn kids are calling it that these days, they can suck my stalk.

2 Walter Smith

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how hard it is actually to "shed a block."  The coaches make it sound like mental mistake, but it's actually very hard to do.  It's part of what maks a great defensive football player.  It's not like teaching a player to run or catch.