No matter what...

Submitted by drewro02 on November 27th, 2010 at 4:38 PM

We're still classier than Ohio State fans. Watching the game on tv and seeing their fans in the stands reminded me why I am happy to be a Michigan fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. Let's support our team no matter who the coach is and root on these kids every time they step foot on a field and wear the colors of our beloved school. GO BLUE!!!



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strong willed CEO's will make their own informed decision. Brandon will collect all the facts and data he needs to make his decision. He will not let fat rich un-informed alums make the decision. If he let them decide it would have ended after penn state.

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Does anybody know if Brandon is a strong willed CEO who will make his own informed decision?  I wonder if  Brandon will collect all the facts and data he needs to make his decision.  Do you think he will  let fat rich un-informed alums make the decision?  Some say if he let them them decide it would have ended after penn state.

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U Fer M

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I completely agree, some of the shots of the stands, they were actually laughing at how bad Michigan was, just to know we weren't even competitive, or to know that that is what their fans thought was horrible. Someday, we'll bring the fear back to Columbus, hopefully sooner than later, I hate having to watch old clips of past teams to feel good about Michigan, want to see some recent hype videos from both sides of the ball, maybe next year...


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How the hell are they "classier"? Just because you hate these people for the team they like doesn't give you the right to just berate them all! OUR CROWD IS THE SAME WAY YOU IGNORANT FUCK


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It angers me that we aren't even making this game competitive anymore. Plus Michigan fans can be obnoxious douchebags too. I remember walking back to campus after the 07 game, some Michigan student yelled "At least I'll get a better paying job!" at some Ohio State fans. That kind of crap is uncalled for. I have an engineering degree from UM and have been unemployed for 3 months so throwing around the degree value thing is stupid.