Nike Deal 11 yr, $169 mil

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BREAKING: Michigan says its deal with Nike from 2016-2027 is worth $169 million w/$76.8M in cash alone)

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) July 15, 2015

EDIT: And this...

Most outrageous part of the Nike-Michigan deal for $169 million? Sources tell me Nike WAS THE LOWEST BIDDER.

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) July 15, 2015



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And many were worried about going with Nike because Michigan wasn't going to get paid like they would with Adidas.... so about that...



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seriously... I work at an urban middle school. 10x more KDs than Jordans. Kids have them in every color to match their outfits. It's outrageous. They are all ugly as sin by adult standards.


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Uh are you talking about Catherine Durant, Secretary of State from House of Cards? I know you're not talking about Kevin.

KD's a widely popular. Jordan is Jordan obviously he doesn't touch that, but of the contemporary players his brand is the most popular.

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I stand corrected. I did coach youth basketball for four years and the thing I noticed most was the socks, not the shoes. When I was a kid, we wore knee-high, white tube socks (think Michael Cooper). Nowadays, all the kids are wearing fluorescent socks that would look great with UNIFORMZ.

EDIT: apparently my original comment made sense two years ago. Now? Not so much. See:…


M Gulo Gulo

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UM-Nike deal details (per UM release) -- base compensation Yr 1 $4,820,000. Yr 15 $5,820,000. Product supply Yr 1 $5,300,000. Yr 15 $6 mill

gets $4.82M in cash for each of the first 10 years of the contract with , then $5.32M for 2026-27.

The $76.8M in cash would receive is only if the final 4 option years ($5.82M per) are included. So, only $53.52M is guaranteed.


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Holy hell. That's gonna hurt some feelings around the country. Jim Hackett is maybe the greatest AD in the history of college sports and he's not even an AD. He can drop the mic and enjoy the throne

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I remember like it was yesterday protesting in the diag and in front of the president's house to fire Brandon. Now, Harbaugh is our head football coach and we have a 15 mil deal per year with Nike. Good lord.

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Brendan Quinn (@BFQuinn): Per Michigan, U-M's new Nike contract (2016-2027) is worth $169 million. Includes $12M upfront, $76.8M annual cash and $80.2M in apparel