Night games open thread

Submitted by jcgold on November 2nd, 2013 at 7:02 PM
Let's drink/talk about anything else: Florida Georgia, Nebraska Northwestern, Indiana Minnesota, and TCU WV all in close games late. Tennessee mizzou, ok state Texas tech, and noles canes later



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Just when we were ready to take over TWiS, Nebraska throws at pick at their own 30 in a 21-21 tie game.

Pelini is out.  He can take Funk with him out the door.

MGJS SuperKick Party

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I am excited to watch Florida State v. Miami. I got a Founders Harvest Ale in the fridge to maybe take some of the sting out of this loss... I wish we could still start up drinking threads... 


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Miami walks into this game tonight a 21-point underdog, and yet, looking at most of these numbers, I find that interesting...

Miami Fla. St.
Yards/Play 6.9   7.9
Points/Play 0.500   0.737
Rush Play % 55.25%   53.05%
Pass Play % 44.75%   46.95%
Completion % 58.96%   69.35%
3D Conv % 38.16%   53.97%
RZ Scoring % 75.00%   100.00%
Miami Fla. St.
Opp Yards/Play 4.8   4.2
Opp Points/Play 0.254   0.201
Opp Completion % 57.00%   52.63%
Opp 3D Conv % 34.74%   26.83%
Opp RZ Scoring % 75.00%   75.00%



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Getting ready to watch a real football game in FSU v Miami...

How long has it been since jimbo fisher took over for bowden, and they are just now back to the top of the heap? 

Is the time table the same for this michigan program? How much longer?


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Do recall that team was a mixture of RichRod and Carr recruits. As we have seen the past two years the RichRod classes have failed to produce enough quality players for UM to sustain that first year of success and the team is having to play freshmen and sophomores as a result.


It also doesn't help that Michigan is getting substandard OL coaching.


November 2nd, 2013 at 9:11 PM ^

MSU went 6-7 in MSU's third season under Dantonio. If we are going by records MSU got "progressively worse". But guess what happened in year four? 11 wins.   I'm not saying that will happen at UM, but it does show that a drop off is not necessarily a harbinger of  bad things to come.


Also, Fisher was Bowden's OC. He was part of the program for a couple of years before he took over as HC. FSU was already running his offense(and recruiting for it)when he took over.


November 2nd, 2013 at 9:21 PM ^

FSU's depth issues were nothing like Michigan's.  And they didn't switch from a spread to a pro style offense.  Also Fisher was on Bowden staff which means FSU didn't have to go through the who fractured recruiting class because of a coaching change/search thing.