Night Games Open Thread

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Obvious post is obvious.  Night games.  I'm watching Alabama/Tenn before switching over to Iowa/PSU.




In the mean time I'll keep posbanging these threads.



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In three plays, Iowa has lost two offensive linemen to injuries. Wow.

Bill Belton ran backwards a few yards for a 2nd down, then forward for a few more for a 3rd down, which means that on the next carry, he will electric slide on a draw play. 

Avant's Hands

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I know, Big XII and everthing, but K St is about to complete a sweep of Oklahoma, WV, and Texas Tech in pretty convincing fashion. Are they on the same level as Florida/Oregon? Obviously Bama is just waiting to play the next challenger in the BCS Championship Game.


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a week ago WVU was #5 in the country. Here are their defensive possessions since then:

TD, TD, Int, Punt, TD, TD, TD, Fumble, Missed FG, TD, TD, Kneel down, FG, TD, TD, TD, TD, TD, TD.

13 touchdowns, 1 punt. How is that even possible?


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They just showed a Fox poll of the lower 48 asking which top 10 team was the most overrated. 3 states didn't pick Notre Dame. I didn't get a harumpf from you, Idaho. Watch your ass.


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Ficken makes a 34-yard FG, so 17-0 Penn State now. The Nittany Lions are owning the Hawkeyes in every phase of the game right now, and at least on offense, with relatively quick drives that cannot be measured on the geologic time scale. 

EDIT: Vandenberg really meant to make that throw, he really did. Penn State recovers the fumble.


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Good lord, the Iowa offensive line vaporized in front of Vandenberg. He had no chance to even read the bloody field. 

Penn State already fighting their way back to midfield. If this somehow gets to 31-0 at the half, does the seat under Ferentz get noticably warmer, or is this jumping the gun a bit?


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Does anyone know what was the biggest margin of victory ever for an underdog in an FBS game?

The biggest margin-of-cover was UCLA 66, Texas 3 in 1997 when UCLA was a ten-point underdog. That's the biggest win by a double-digit underdog but I don't know if it's the biggest by any underdog at al.

I ask, of course, because West Virginia was favored 3 and a 63-point win, while unlikely, isn't entirely out of the question.

Ed.: Never mind, I should have more carefully read my own link. Only four teams have ever covered by 60 or more, and that was the biggest margin of them. If an underdog had ever won by more than 63 they'd be on the list.


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Wow, a team that puts up 180 ypg through the air already has 323 passing yards against WVU.  That defense must be beyond GERG aweful.


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Last time WVU lost two in a row was against Syracuse and UCONN in October 2010. In those two losses--one that came in OT--the Mountaineers were outscored 27 to 35. Against TTU and KSU they've been outscored 101 to 21 (with 10 minutes left in the 4th as I'm typing this). After those two games Bill Stewart was effectively gone. It will be interesting to see if the Mountaineer fans stick behind their prodigal son, Coach Holgerson.

My advice: hire Gerg Robinson as D coordinator.


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Penn State scores a TD, then promptly gets an interception. So far, the most dramatic moment in the game was right there as McGloin struggled to get his cleats back on. 

Then, Iowa gets flagged for holding, bringing Penn State a play or so away from making this a 38-0 affair if they get the TD....34-0 if they can get an FG....doesn't seem to matter much right now. 


October 20th, 2012 at 10:21 PM ^

This is rather surprising. Penn State was picked to be a middle of the pack team, even before the sanctions and players transferred.

Granted, Northwestern is the only decent team they have beaten but I still did not expect them to look this good right now.


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Iowa tries to destroy the shutout and go for it on 4th and goal and the pass is incomplete. Penn State ball, as Zeno's Paradoxes (the dichotomy one, most notably) apparently apply to Iowa drives in the red zone as well. 


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Wow. Pending the PAT, it will be 38-0 Penn State as we enter the 4th quarter. 

What Iowa needs now evolve consciousness on offense, and they do, with a KR returned for a TD. Perhaps it evokes nothing more than a grin from the crowd, but it is a sign that they know...score once between full moons.