Night Games Open Thread

Submitted by JeanClaudeVanD… on October 20th, 2012 at 7:43 PM

Obvious post is obvious.  Night games.  I'm watching Alabama/Tenn before switching over to Iowa/PSU.




In the mean time I'll keep posbanging these threads.



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West Virginias offense is great against terrible, Godawful, and nonexistent defenses. Against the Texas Techs, KStates, and other average-to-halfway decent defenses of the Big 12 they can do absolutely nothing. They're not good. They need to fight just to make a bowl game from here on out, lol. Iowa State will give them a fight, Oklahoma State will be a little tougher than Baylor. Kansas is their only other guaranteed win this year.


October 20th, 2012 at 8:26 PM ^

They have Kansas the last week, and that should be enough to get them to 6-6.

There's no Big 12/WAC bowl matchup, but maybe things will somehow break out so we can get West Virginia/Louisiana Tech in the Beef O'Brady Bowl. We might see both teams go over 100 in that one.

The really amazing thing is that eight days ago people were touting them as MNC contenders and a potential undefeated team.


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WVU with a kickoff return TD....problem is that the sorry ass gassed D has to come back on the field to get it's tail kicked for about a 5 min 13 play drive.


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Based on this cornerback play, I just checked to see if Tony Gibson is coaching at WVU again. I was moderately surprised to discover he's not responsible for this.


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K State 345, WVU 76.

Give West Virginia's defense credit--next to the Texas game, that's the best first-half performance they've had in a B12 conference game. And only 9.1 yards per play. It's a big step forward from last week.


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Most of the Geno Smith koolade this year was based on performances against C-USA and FCS opponents. And Baylor.

I don't think all the defenses in the Big 12 are that bad--K State's pretty good, Oklahoma's #1 in the country in FEI defensive efficiency. It's just that WVU started their schedule with the worst* (Baylor) and probably the third worst (Texas). It's all uphill from here until they play Kansas.

*ED.-Well, not counting West Virginia itself. What was I thinking?


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14-0 Penn State. The Penn State offensive line has been giving McGloin hours to throw on several plays. Iowa is not getting penetration, and as a result, WRs for the Nittany Lions are gashing the Hawkeyes' defense. 

Iowa has only 15 yards of rushing right now, and 46 yards of passing. They are going nowhere slowly with this offensive game plan. 


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Whoa fan on the field ... right in the middle of a play in the Miami/FSU - he had a better chance of making the tackle than the Miami defender lol


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Anyone else see the guy run out onto the field at the FSU-Miami game?  Dude ran right into the middle of the field during the play and tried to get a high five from players.  Crazy!


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Fun Fact: Iowa's team bus was supposed to go over a cliff 2 years ago, but miraculously they were spared. Death has since been harvesting the lot of them one player at a time, ala Final Destination.