Nico Collins snaps last night?

Submitted by WeimyWoodson on October 22nd, 2017 at 5:23 PM

So last night during the game I thought I saw Nico Collins coming off the field and then saw on Twitter Ace say that he was put in the game.  Did any one notice if he played more then that one snap?

Wondering why at this point he was put in (doesn't make sense to just say they need to try someone else).  Since Michigan doesn't have any elite recievers committed for the 2018 class I thought it would make sense to keep Nico and Oliver redshirted.  Just another one of those curious things.

I didn't see this anywhere else on the board, so sorry if I missed it.



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I saw him in on one play and that's all I remember seeing if him. I'm betting you'll start to see more and more of some of these younger players in trouble spots as the season wears on.


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I feel like Nico could be out in 4 or less, but at the same time if you're not really going to play him this year then it would have been smarter to save it.  
As for Karan its s bummer he got hit with injuries and put in early.  I'm sure at the time these freshman are super excited about the opportunity to get in the game to see if they're going to make a difference, but its a bummer for them down the road when they could really use that 5th year.


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Wheat did express some commentary which may fairly be interpreted in the negative. And of course we're gonna complain, we anticipated losses but always thought we'd be in the games until the finish. Moreover it's reasonable to expect improvement by most of our players as the season progresses but a case can be made quite a few of even our more senior players are stagnant else regressing in terms of their performance and grit. Our potential receivers don't seem to achieve separation and blocking is inconsistent or bad. Then consider penalties and turnovers and the staff should be held accountable for the lack of improvement, preparedness and sporadically bad  play calling.


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The special teams are better than we thought and the defense is still pretty damn good. The offense is young and lacking in certain spots. They also have a new passing game coordinator.

It is reasonable to see that much of the flaws you see are due to that. It is reasonable to conclude that the offensive side of the ball needs an overhaul this offseason which I am pretty sure Harbaugh can see for himself.

But bitching by anonymous hangers-on is something we always see when times are bad. MichiganMan14 is not making things better by publicly voicing his complaints. Certainly not for Karan.


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I would argue that even if this is internal discussion points shared by the team (and I honestly don't know if they are or are simply editorializing and we just assume they are true because of OP's known connection), but there's a reason you keep this stuff internal. It does no good for someone who has made it very clear he has a connection to Higdon say "the roster management is hurting the team and guys are suffering" and intimate this is shared by many on the team, at least to me. YMMV, but spreading rumors and innuendo under the guise of "straight talk" is simply fishing for attention.


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Are we really going to sit here and act like we have to talk to players about what we can all see clear as day. I talk to my kid all the time...but it damn sure ain't all about football. He didn't come to Michigan for football. He came to get a degree from the best university on the planet. Karan doesn't complain and I don't prod him. You can all stop with those silly assumptions because they're wrong. I go to the games and have met this Staff. Good guys. We miss Fisch and Coach Wheatley is a friend of mine and has been there for my guy since he recruited him. Karan came to play for Wheatley. Wheat is the man. He was not treated fairly. That is derived from me and him talking. You can all stop dragging the kid into this because he has nothing to do with it and does not complain. I told him nothing would be free here. He knows the deal. But grown men talk. And those out there that think these coaching moves did NOT hurt us are sleeping. What 2018-2020 backs are going to come to michigan? The first thing you look for as a recruit is who is going to be coaching you after your sold on a campus. Wheatley should have been retained. Simple as that. And that is my opinion. Mine alone. Acting like kids are being hounded for inside info is crazy. It's not that serious. This program is not foreign to me.


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Also made a TON of mistakes.  Was in love with the Drake who was 4th on the depth chart, and got into it with Isaac and his father.  Coach Wheatley also like I've said before did a great job recruiting Detroit, STOP!  Walker was a gift, Harbaugh flipped Karon, and did not have enough juice to get Kelly.  We are in on MANY of the top running backs for 18-20 MichiganMan14. Many. Sounds to me like other than already having Turner and Haskins we are in on Cain, Crouch and multiple others.  Lastly, it's no secret coach Wheatley wants to and most likely will be a head coach in the next few years.  How does that help Michigan develop prospects and evolvle as a staff?  

Prince Lover

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He’s close to one player. How does that make him closer to the program? His closeness is based on one side of the story.
And the thing he is referring to is how Karan was upset his redshirt was burned for a limited amount of usage. And to some that could be a big deal. To me, I would think, my mentality would be, I’m ready when my number is called. I will give it my all for the team when it is, because I am part of the team, and not have the attitude of, can you call me tomorrow.
But I’m just an internet tough guy, so what do I know....


October 23rd, 2017 at 3:33 AM ^

You don't know the situation or how anybody the players felt. Again, you're putting the story together as you wish to see it...not as it actually is. The narrative you're attempting to draw is false. Karan did not complain. He works hard and tries to help the team. I see what the situation is and speak on how I see it. Also happens to be in line with how Wheat saw it. Don't make the story up as you want it to be. You don't know. You also likely haven't spoken to parents of various players and gotten those takes either. Nobody is trying to salt or shame anyone. We can do things better and will need to regain our in state status and win the B1G.


October 23rd, 2017 at 12:33 AM ^

No cheap shots. Harbaugh is not perfect and having coached for several years and having multiple players in college football and several soon to be professionals.....I'm no guru....but not a complete jackass either. The continuity is not there. We mismanage our talent in several instances. The playcalling is sporadic and player development is not where it should be. Thats my opinion. Not someone else's. I think for me.

Prince Lover

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Okay. I’ll pick this generality statement of the many you threw out there.
You said several. I’ll only ask for a couple.....not because I think you’re wrong. But because I know you have insight from one perspective, so I’d like more than that one example.
Although the player development one is a sticker too. He’s had 2 full recruiting seasons. His first was only a couple months so I’ll give him a pass on that one, unless you don’t want to and that’s fair, I won’t object. But, his two full classes are true sophomores at the oldest. How in two years time are you going to say he cannot develop players?!? That’s a short leash, no?

Okay, I’ll bite too. You just said you have had several players in college and soon to be pros. You petitioned this here board on how to get your guy recognized by the staff, did you not??? That’s what I remember anyway, could be incorrect though. If you’re so professional in the amateur aspect of this sport, why are you using a blog for advice and help???


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A lot of players want to come to programs where they can play their freshman year. That is a huge draw for top recruits. Sometimes burning red shirts can actually help the long term recruiting prospects of programs, even if it appears to hurt the 4-year roster from a strategic point of view.


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yeah, there are positives and negatives when trying to running your program similar to an nfl team - and weve seen both good and bad.  harbaugh and crew have done some great stuff and while i think hes a talented coach, i realize certain aspects are likely to be sacrificed or slightly mismanaged in order for him to run his outfit


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Not too worried bout losing redshirts on receivers. There hasnt been a standout receiver on this team since Tarik Black went down. If Nico is ready to compete for playing time, that can only help this receiver corp.