Nick Saban looked really happy to win...

Submitted by nucegin60 on January 8th, 2010 at 2:38 AM

All I could think of during the end of the game is how little Alabama looked like they enjoyed the win. From Nick Saban not even beginning to crack a smile when the gatorate was dumped on him, to his players not even looking happy save for a few fake smiles, it seemed like he sucked all the fun out of that program to the extent none of them were able to enjoy the best feeling you can have as a college football player. Am I the only one that saw this?



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I was also disappointed with how little Saban enjoyed the win. When you get a gatorade shower, the least you can do is smile. You just won a national championship. The winner of the national championship should enjoy it and I wish that kind of person could have won it tonight. Nick Saban is not a likable guy, and his attitude at the end of the game made me dislike him even more.


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I don't care whether Saban enjoyed it or not. He's a douche.

Up 10 points with 50 seconds left, he should have taken a knee. What a punk.


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Saban built a program at Bama worthy to play on the biggest stage of college football, in the brightest spotlight, with a talented group of kids brimming to show off their skills. IMHO, you let those kids play every minute they have on that stage. Texas is the #2 team in the country, with a top-3 defense. This isn't HS football. Texas isn't Delaware State. Nick owed it to his kids to let them play, fight for yards, and let them have their moment in the National Championship to show what they could do against the #2 team in the country.


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Alabama showed what they could do, and there's no team that doesn't enjoy the victory formation.

However, I was somehow talked into a bet where I took Alabama and gave Texas 14 points, so in this case Saban being a douche won me some money


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Were you a Miami Hurricane? Just because you CAN score doesn't mean you should. It's about sportsmanship. They beat the shit out of a true freshman quarterback. Congrats to them. Sit on your 10-point victory and thank God that your monster defensive end's helmet blew up Colt McCoy's throwing arm. Don't rub it in Texas's face.


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I'm someone who thinks you reward your team's hard work with an opportunity to score on the biggest stage they may ever have an opportunity to play on. And come on man, Bama didn't just beat the shit out of a true freshman QB; they beat the shit out of a very talented Texas o-line full of upper-classmen. I would wager close odds that even Colt would've fumbled on that blind hit, caused by the inability to pick up a great blitz.

It's not about scoring to run up the score. It's about rewarding your players on the biggest stage of their lives. Be number #1, take the opportunity to flex your muscles. It's not a situation where I think opponents are taking it personally. Like I said, it's not Pop Warner; these kids playing for Bama and Texas know everyone in a uniform respects the game and one another.

It's the national championship. Score when you can. Keep hitting, hard, until the last whistle is blown. That's what I'd want my team to do, and I'm sure those kids likewise wanted to show their mettle at the highest level. I say let them.

Jim Harbaugh S…

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Alabama scored that TD. It gave Texas a slim chance to tie with a TD (plus 2 pointer) and then an onside kick and another TD (plus 2 pointer).

Obviously that scenario is very likely, but hell they had a shot, something they would not have had if Bama ran out the clock.

He may be a darsh - but name me a great college coach that isn't one.


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I was hoping for classically inappropriate Saban post-game comments where he compares his team's play to historical events where lives are lost. He's so good at that. Something like "They took the first quarter but we came back like America in '45 when were dropped the Hiroshima bomb." Stunned press room in silence. Cricket in background.

Zone Left

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Saban wasn't happy because he doesn't have time for that shit.

The fifteen minutes he had to stand on a stage and collect the trophy were fifteen minutes he wasn't video conferencing with recruits. Never mind the 45 seconds to change into a dry shirt. He's been up since 3 am west coast time making up for the time he lost--although he did allow himself a full minute for his morning shit in celebration.


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I think Nick Saban is the kinda guy to be upset when his child is born because it was a girl not a boy, and if it is a boy he would be upset because he was born at 8 pounds not 9.


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all the haters can cry all they want to, but they'd probably give up a body part to get him. and we don't have to worry about his playing the whole game versus taking a knee, because no one will remember #2.