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Submitted by michWolves2580 on April 13th, 2010 at 11:41 AM

I was recently bouncing around the internet in my free time and came across Nick Mangold's twitter page.. he recently tweeted:

"I've been asked how to get to Michigan from Columbus many times. It's easy, just go west 'til u smell it & then north 'til u step in it!"

As a huge Jet fan, this made me really upset. Is it possible to love a team and hate one of the key players? Or do I let this one go?

Has anyone else had an experience where they hated someone on their favorite team?



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I'm also a big big Jets fan, and I follow Mangold on twitter. I gotta say he's one of my favorite players on the team, despite his BUckeye history. Sometimes his tweets annoy me, but ill get over it when we have a dominant running game and he makes another pro bowl.


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At least he knew enough to ignore the OSU bumper sticker that reverses those directions (north, then west), taking ignorant buckeye travelers through Lake Erie.

As to your central question...I cheer for the Lions. For the longest time, it's been hard not to hate most of the players on that team.

Other examples...Tigers with Sheffield; Pistons towards the end of the Rasheed era; Dodgers with Manny. I have a good friend who's an SF native and had to deal with his childhood team, the Giants, and Barry Bonds.

I think it boils down to this: you don't always love everyone on your team, but you still love your team.


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Anytime i head ANYTHING about Nick Mangold, all i can think about is an article I read about his sister dominating as a O-Lineman for her high school.

They sure grow 'em big in Ohio...

I wonder if Tressel is gonna giver her a look-see


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Stange, I heard it the other way many times (east/south). Isn't that what the rivalry about? I'm in a constant Verbal (some physical)war with OSU/MSU/Big Ten fans, I love it.


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Good natured rivalry banter is acceptable. That comment by Mangold is is not literally true, so it shouldn't cause actual hatred or anguish. Comments that have a potential truth to them, or that at least some consider to be true -- for example ad hominem attacks on coaches or ex players -- are more hurtful. In short, it's ok to still love the Jets.


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"Hate" is too strong of a word, but Boubacar Cissoko comes to mind.

I also never liked Charles Rogers or Dennis Rodman. Omar Infante. Juan Gonzalez.


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I personally witnessed a few times where Omar Infante didn't run out ground balls. That's grounds for disliking a baseball player.

I didn't like the Bad Boys much. I didn't care for their flying elbows and such. Rodman and Laimbeer were both dicks, in my opinion. But I respect Laimbeer a little more because at least he didn't turn out to be totally crazy.


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happens all the time. I think you might hate half of the field position players in MLB and NL pitchers too. Infante is too irrelevant to be hated.

Rodman got the job done and played with more hustle and heart than anyone. His craziness was probably part of what made him such a great rebounder.

You don't have to to respect lazy, but you gotta respect crazy.


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When a you hate a player on the team that you root for. As a fan of the Yankees (who eventually go out and purchase just about every good player at some point), I have repeatedly had to root for players who I could not stand during their former time with the Red Sox. With Wade Boggs and Johnny Damon both won me over pretty quickly - they were both decent guys, good team players and became good contributors. With both of them, I realized that I hated the Red Sox, not necessarily ALL of the players that made up that team - that's the nature of a rivalry. With other players - Roger Clemens, for example - I could never get over my dislike. I guess the point is that when former rival players come to your team, I have found that they can overcome the initial dislike if they are decent guys, but if they are dislikable people, then they will not be able to overcome the initial dislike.


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As someone who hates the Yankees, because they can and do buy all the players they want, and I grew up in Michigan rooting for the Tigers-- it helps me keep my Yankee-loving friends here in NYC by remembering that Jeter is a big UM fan.


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that can be applied to any school or region you want. Go ahead, try it if you don't believe me.

Oh yeah that [generic location]? Just go [direction] until you smell it, and [another direction] until you step in it.



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I know a lot of people who hate that Bertuzzi is on the Wings now. I don't mind him that much--he served his time for the Moore incident, he apologized, let it go.

I'm sure there were lots of Eagles fans who don't like Mike Vick. Now there are probably Steelers fans upset with Big Ben.

For me, it's annoying to have a player you don't like, but I think you just have to get over it, and try to separate a player's on- and off-field behavior/personality.

I miss Spring Lake

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As I started reading this, ESPN First Take just showed a tweet from Mangold regarding Santonio Holmes going to the Jets: "It's good to have around another quality Buckeye around. Take that stupid Michigan." No joke.
Looks like someone is quite obsessed with the Wolverines.


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They just added troubled Santonio Holmes from OSU to play with somewhat less-troubled Braylon Edwards. We'll see how that works out. And Chad Henne threw his first touchdown in Miami to one of the two OSU receivers. As long as they make him look good, I forgive them for their background.