Nick Bosa out vs Tulane

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No official word out on the injury but according to Reddit rumors are an abdominal strain that would keep him out 4-8 weeks. If that's the case he's missing PSU for sure and if it's the longer case potentially MSU as well. He should be back for us though.



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I don't...fuck that.  I hope he recovers to have a great NFL career.  But we've has so many unlucky breaks (no pun intended) against them with injuries -at our most important positions (Henne, Denard, Speight 2016 -even though we were still jobbed in that game) that I hope half their team is out for The Game.

Go ahead and neg away, but after 2 decades of a horseshoe up their ass...time for them to experience some bad luck, injuries included.  A nice high ankle sprain to Haskins a week before The Game would be wonderous.


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I've been complaining about having to play them in game 12 more and more recently, because of the injury luck. Our starting QBs can't make it to game 12, ever. Think about if we had played them in like week 6 the last 5 years, how many wins would we have over them? 2? 3? 

I know it's "The Game" and has to be the 12th game, just pisses me off with the injuries piled up by then every year..

Wyandot Buckeye Fan

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Bad luck!  How many teams can win a national championship with their 3rd string q.b.?  And furthermore who's to say Tate Martell can't beat you guys?  I do remember D-Train coming in last year during the middle of the 3rd quarter and doing pretty good against that defense.  I still remember Gary saying, we bout to get his ass, LOL.


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Pro tip:

When it comes to injuries, suspensions and general what-have-you, everyone everywhere is ALWAYS "back for us".

Our presence on a team's schedule works like a miracle drug for trainers.


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I know the joke is OSU is so stacked that this wont affect them, but this really hurts their pass rushing especially vs QBs like Lewerke and McSorley who can hurt you on their feet, does anybody know his backup?


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Well the 3 listed starters at DE were Nick Bosa (Jr.) + Chase Young (So.) -OR- Jonathan Cooper (Jr.).

Behind those 3 starters are Tyreke Smith (Fr.), Jashon Cornell (Jr.), and Tyler Friday (Fr.).

When Nick Bosa went down on Saturday against TCU, OSU's coaching staff slid Chase Young to Bosa's spot on the weakside, and put Jonathan Cooper on the strongside.

One of the downside of having the 4 "Rushmen" (Bosa, Lewis, Hubbard, and Holmes) splitting snaps last year at DE was decreased opportunities to rotate in the underclassmen. Chase Young got the 5th most snaps at DE last year, and Cooper had primarily played DT his first 2 seasons at Ohio State. So most of the backups are relative unknowns.


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He did not look happy on the sideline of the TCU game after he got hurt -- like he was worried it might be something that would take a while to get over. 

Speaking of Ohio State, I fucking hate them, but I hate Sparty more and here's one example why:

I flew in for the game Saturday and on the highway saw a car that belonged to a Michigan State fan. The custom license plate on the car said "UMSUX." I told my son this typifies a certain type of Sparty, whose love for his own team is inseparable from his hatred of Michigan. It is simply impossible to articulate clearly all the reasons why this is so annoying -- but I bet most of the people who are on this site understand. It makes me want to crush them.