Nick Baumgardner drops a nuke on Nick Saban

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Saban -- who has, of course, won four national titles at Alabama -- is literally in the middle of a situation where recruiting violations within his program were found. An assistant coach has been forced to resign and the school currently is awaiting the result of that NCAA investigation.

And if that were the only thing going here, it'd probably be enough. But it's not.

Like in 2009 when a businessman paid for stars Mark Ingram and Julio Jones to go on a fishing trip. Or in 2013 when a former Alabama player was caught giving Tide offensive lineman D.J. Fluker impermissible benefits. Or later that same yearwhen Saban had to fire a staffer after he paid safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

Anyone remember that whole deal about the disassociated Alabama booster who continued to sell signed Crimson Tide merchandise -- from players who still were on the team -- back in 2014?


But there was Saban -- who has an NCAA rule honorarily named after him -- on Tuesday, demanding answers on whether or not a few summer camps would be on the up and up. So there was Harbaugh, who correctly decided to give the old "are you seriously going to sit there and say this with a straight face?" reply.



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Why, you're nothing but a big, fat Panda.... No, I'm THE big, fat Panda!

Seriously, how cool would it be if someone who gets their bread buttered by the SEC rather than follows Michigan lit up Saban like this?

Finebaum...Finebaum...Finebaum...anyone, Finebaum?


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"Seriously? You're going to bring up the past? We in the sec like to talk about the future "the south will rise again" expected finebaum response.

Victor Hale II

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Not to derail the Saban hate fest, but I do admit that I've never liked the in-game interviews. So annoying. Like these coaches want to talk to any reporter in the heat of battle. Lloyd didn't like them, either.

Everyone Murders

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"I was amazed.  I mean, didn't you find that amazing?  I found it amazing." 

Harbaugh's response to follow-up questions on the Harbaugh-Saban spat.  In the video, you can clearly see Baumgardner standing next to Harbaugh, trying to stifle a grin.


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I don't really understand this line of attack on Saban, other to point out that yes, he indeed has a history of running a program with violations.

These satellite camps do, in my opinion, open up more opportunities for third parties to get involved, much like the AAU situation. Just because Saban is guilty of past (and maybe current) infractions doesn't nullify his point.

This is turning into a mud-slinging contest between Saban, Harbaugh, and the supporters of each. But that's not the point of the discussion about satellite camps. The discussion is about whether it's good for the game overall.

Like I've said before, satellite camps are great/good/fine, but they need to be regulated more than they are.


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when disingenuous hypocrites get all self-righteous the people who don't like them will call them out. That is what's happening. the internet was made for Google Searches, marketing stuff and pissing matches.

So I find this whole thing completely normal.


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he isn't saying what he's saying because he thinks it is good for the kids. He is saying what he is saying because he knows that they make it harder for Alabama and him. It's fine that he wants rules that benifit him and his program, Harbaugh and Michigan fans want the same thing. But the difference is, the hypocrisy in how this happens. Harbaugh is consistant in his message and his tacticts. 

For Saban, even if you believe his argument is valid, his hypocrisy invalidates or at least devalues his argument as his intentions and reasons are not consistant with how he runs his program. 


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But every time this issue comes up, we find a way to devalue the speaker. Kirby Smart says something? He's just promoting the SEC! Saban says something? Hypocrite! Dabo Swinney? Protecting his recruiting territory!

That's my issue.

We've done a fine job of pointing out that Saban - who has always been slimey - is slimey. Water is wet, and the sky is blue.


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Because something is obvious to you it shouldn't be said?  Saban is smearing Harbaugh and Michigan by equating satellite camps with rules violations and saying it's bad for football or "the kids".   Are you saying you'd rather our coach not respond to such hypocritical and disengenuous statements, especially when coming from the sports highest profile coach using his bully pulpit to broadcast that message nationally?  Maybe you have issue with the obviousness of some statements, but I fully support Harbaugh calling out epic (and stunningly audacious) hypocracy especially when it sullies the good name of Michigan.


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Just because they're true doesn't mean the speakers are wrong.

Jim Harbaugh is trying to expand his recruiting territory. SEC fans may not like it. But that doesn't mean he's wrong about wanting them to continue to be legal. A level-headed fan in SEC territory should be able to acknowledge the positive aspects of satellite camps.


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becuase it muddies up the water for if it's truly bad. The SEC has switched it's reasons on why these camps are bad and then got them banned, only to realize that the ban was worse. So now we know that the camps are really good for the kids and for many smaller colleges.  

Now they continue to come out with new arguments on why its bad, when now all I hear is that they are saying they are bad for the SEC when Harbaugh or someone else comes into their turf to hold camps and recruit. 

So yes, it is important who says what, because when they are not consistent in what they are saying, and do things that contradict what they are saying, it is hard to believe that what they are now saying holds water. 


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Because Saban doesn't actually give a shit about breaking NCAA rules?  He has shown a history of breaking NCAA rules to his advantage and now claims he is worried that others can break rules?  If someone wants to make that argument they can but Saban and Hugh Freeze are not the people who should be advising on what makes cheating more possible when they already cheat within the current system.