Nice Shane Morris Article from The Opening

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Really nice stuff, talks about the symbolism of his bracelets including a Michigan one, and another to prevent teen suicide. 

Talks about his relationships with other recruits, but my favorite part of the article was when he mentioned his high school's slogan: Buckle Up(!)



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I love how Shane was catching post routes from some of his future opponents QB's.  Maybe he was just doing some early scouting on how catchable PSU's passes will be for our DB's.


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This kid is truly amazing. I can't wait to see him in the maize in blue. I'm trying to keep my expectations in check, but I haven't been this pumped for a recruit since Henson.


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Let's not act like Henson was a bust.  That 2000 season was pretty incredible, and he had one of the best (maybe the best?) statistical seasons of any UM QB, ever.  We were a few plays away from playing for a national championship that year, and it's not like they were Henson fuck ups (NW certainly wasn't).

Sure, I wish he would have stuck around for his senior year, but he backed up TB for a couple years, then played as good a season as a QB could play.  If that's what Shane does, I'm cool with that.


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Exactly Henson gets criticized to unreasonable levels. The problem was that when he was being recruited we all thought he was going to be the savior. It sucks he didn't stick around for his last year, but he was still a darn good player. Plus my comparison was just about how excited I am for Shane. Anybody who remembers winning the Henson recruitment knows how big of a deal that was.


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I don't think it's too tough to figure out why some people were dissapointed with him.  He left to take all the money with the Yankees and then ended up being a bust in the MLB.  By the time he figured that out and tried to give the NFL a shot it was too late.  Would have rather had him around as our QB for another year.  Maybe with another year in college he would have ended up being a fine NFL QB.  Just seems like a lot of wasted talent. 


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So you're disappointed that after giving us three good years, one as a starter, he decided to forego his senior year for millions of dollars to play pro sports?  Does it really make a difference which sport he left early to play?  Are you disappointed in David Terrell too, since he left early for money and ended up being a bust? 


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What words did I change?  It sounds like the things that disappoint you about him are what he did in the pros, not in college.  So are you disappointed in Desmond Howard or Chad Henne?  Neither of them are/were great pros. 

I'm trying to get you to be more specific.  You say that a lot of poeple were disappointed in him, but I only think most people were simply bummed he didn't come back, not that he didn't live up to expectations.  Because when he played, he was a great QB.


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I think a lot of us were sour that year as Henson was a preseason favorite for the Heisman, and we were one of the favorites for a national championship run.  Three losses that year by a total of 7 points was a killer.  Yes, he did leave for the Yankees for money which was his choice, but for the fans that year it was a killer to see him go with how well we could have done.  And Navarre was not ready to be a leader that year, saved only by his supporting cast. 


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Weird way to end an article like that, but otherwise it's a great piece. Expectations are massive to be sure, but if there's one kid who can handle them and still succeed its Shane.


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Thanks for the link. Great article on a great kid. He gives reason to why I follow recruiting in the first place - gives you the ability to learn about the kids' characters before they make a physical impact on the field. And it's guys like him that you love to see go to the school you have a passion for.