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...the direct link to the article.  I think this is the first time we've gotten some insight into the details of the accident and the aftermath.  The first thing to be said is thank God everyone in both vehicles is alive.  This accident had the potential to be so much more tragic.

It's not surprising in the least, but it was great to read about how the entire team, coaching staff and Michigan family has rallied around Jon Bills.  This was especially cool to read:

...less than five days after the accident and right on his surgeon’s schedule, Bills climbed out of his hospital bed and walked for the first time. He walked again that evening, took a lap around the hospital Thursday morning, and was discharged later that day after being cleared by occupational and speech therapists.

Bills has big plans for this fall and beyond.

He plans to attend law school next fall, hopefully at Michigan, and will seek a waiver so he can take the next test - scheduled for Oct. 9, the day of the Michigan-Michigan State game - on an alternate date.

Bills hasn’t ruled out returning to football either, though that appears a long shot. His younger brother, Steven, will be a walk-on linebacker at Michigan this fall.

“I really didn’t even think it was an option to be done playing, or that I was even supposed to consider being done until I looked online and saw what people posted on message boards,” Bills said. “I started reading those and all of them pretty much said there was a serious accident, Mark Moundros, Jon Bills, Moundros should be fine but unfortunately Bills’ career is done.

“I talked to doctors and my coaches, and no one even mentioned anything about career over, so I was just taken aback by that. Now, it’s something that I obviously have to consider when that time comes. If there’s an increased risk of possibly being paralyzed, that sort of thing, I’ll have to think about it. But as of right now I have nothing but plans of coming back and playing.”

Sounds like people may have been prematurely counting out Jon Bills.  Here's hoping that's the case and he's back with the team this fall.


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...why this post isn't getting more attention and the only thing I can think of is the title.  Need the OP or a mod to edit it stat. 

Recommend: "Injured Michigan Football Player Jon Bills on the Mend" or some such.