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it was from someone famous sorry I didn't give him the credit he deserves. We need more Churchills, is there one "bad ass" now in US politics, other than Sarah Palin? (I wouldn't vote for her but she does shoot moose, while most politicians only carry a gun for a photo opp, see John Kerry, or ride on a tank, can't remember that guys name but will never forget that photo). That tank shot guy was when I was a democrat and I was smart enough then to know that election was over.


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The President wants the support of the Georgetown graduates who are much more likely to make valuable contributions to society than OSU grads.


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MGoRules - no politics. The bracket counts as sports, picks count as sports, policy is a no-no


"What's the offtopic policy?

In the offseason, offtopic posts are somewhere between tolerated or encouraged. During the season it would be nice if they were kept to a minimum. What counts as on- and off- topic?


Anything Michigan sports related
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College sports in general
Ann Arbor



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We've basically had chalk brackets since the random George Mason year, and even that was pretty true to form. While the first rounds give you some nice surprises, it does seem that most Elite 8s include few real surprises.