Nice article with Woodson & Ray about Jabrill

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Sounds like Charles is one of Jabrills biggest fans. We are so lucky to have, and to have had these 2 athletes play for Michigan. Let's hope Peppers is given the chance to shine tomorrow in all 3 phases!

Go Blue!

Sorry, didn't realize the link directed to a paywall, blue israel was gracious enough to forma good link a couple posts below. 



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But in fairness to the OP he never promised access to the article.  He just told us it was "nice".

I like nice articles about our players.  Even if I cant actually read them.  Just knowing they're out there counts for something now doesnt it?

Anybody else just killing time today waiting for Brian's post on the game?


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My guess is that little nugget will be the most helpful thing I learn today.  I had noticed that I could get access to paywalled articles when clicking on the link provided when following people on Twitter but had never tried the same thing via Google.



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I love the Woodson comparisons and Heisman talk, but I don't think the Heisman can happen. CBs just get a lot more opportunities at INT's than safeties. He's shown he can grab a few, but would 3-4 in a season be enough?


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Picks will definitely help but as much as his defense will get him notoriety, think it'll all come down to what he does on offense & special teams. He'll need TDs on offense (running or receiving) and a few returns, then, of course, a few signature moments a la Woodson's OSU punt return. Scoring, as always, draws the biggest wow factor and serves as the national attention icing he needs on top of whatever he does on defense.

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I think the Taiwan Animators showed what he can do when used to his full potential. I agree with them. He will throw Urban onto the Cube and win the Heisman, the Presidency, and solve global warming. Surprisingly, after Urban has another mysterious and undocumented medical condition (really ? ) , OSU forfeits and future games Jabrill is in.


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"He's a phenomenal athlete," Woodson says. "He brings a lot of passion to the game, which is what we need at Michigan."

It's fucking awesome that Woodson still says "we" when referring to Michigan.


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The spectacular interception or return in the big Games are the ultimate defining moments that get the respect of the nation and the generations of the fans. I cannot wait for this to happen. I am so hoping we see this tomorrow.

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