Nice article at "The Wolverine" on last day for seniors

Submitted by StephenRKass on November 17th, 2012 at 9:23 PM

There is a nice article at "The Wolverine" on the win and the seniors last day, entitled "Here and now trumps the way we were."


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It must be very hard for Denard, Kovacs, Demens, and all the seniors to say goodbye to the Stadium for the last time as football players at Michigan. The last 5 years have been the most tumultuous of my tenure as a Michigan fan. I'm very glad to see the team where they are now, and I look forward to many good years to come. And I can't thank the seniors enough for all they've done. Bravo!



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I think it's worth noting that hundreds of their fellow students took time out of their VERY busy Saturday afternoon to say goodbye....

Picture taken today approximately 6 minutes to kickoff - immediately after the Senior Day dedication and right before the National Anthem from Section 4



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Sorry.  I just got back home from the game.  I've got a 3.5 hour drive which I manage to pull off each Saturday and actually make it to a tailgate before the game and can find a way to get to my seat before kickoff.

Just like i did when I was a student.  But hey....things change.  Football obviously is not as important to students today as it was when I was in school.  It just really pisses me off that on Denard's last day here he was able to play through what must've been increadible pain and the students dont even give a shit enough to show up and see it.


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Yeah, I have no idea what I was doing from approximately 11:15-4:00 earlier today.  There are plenty of students that show up on time, wearing maize, stand the entire game, and cheer their hearts out.  

Sure, I wish more of my fellow students showed up to games on time, but I don't think posting pictures on a sports blog read by deep and dedicated fans is going to help the problem.


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Help me understand something please.  If you and Prof X went to the game why on earth do you have an issue with your fellow Michigan alumni calling out the students who bought tickets but didnt?  I dont give a shit if you dont want to go but why buy tickets and then block out those that do?  And you guys of all people should be MORE outraged at the thousands of empty seats than us because you might pay the price of a ticket allocation reduction - not us.

I dont know why this is happening but I can tell you that the simple economics of empty seats will cause Brandon to do something that has NEVER happened in the history of the University and that is reduce the number of tickets available to students.  You guys who went should be leading the charge against the those that dont - not defending them.


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I think the issue is that you're preaching to the choir. The vast majority of MGoBlog readers agree with your analysis, and I doubt that the people who read MGB, much less read the forums, are the problem here.

EDIT: The primary issue, I meant to say, was that, yes, the students have been bad at filling their seats on tmie for awhile. But this is not the day or the week to try to make changes in the structure of the student section, or try to convince anyone about why they should show up on time. Let's hash the math (re: student ticket allocation/logistics) out after next saturday :)


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Fair enough.  The student section did mostly fill up by halftime although there were still lots and lots of empty seats and way more no shows than anywhere else in the stadium.  My guess is that Brandon will announce the number sometime this week as it's clear to me this issue is on HIS radar now.  And it's also my guess that the apathetic current students will pay the price for their lack of attendance, not us alumni but that's an issue for another day I've been told.

My point was that this picture was taken after the Senior Day dedication on the field.  And not too many students decided it was important enough to come and pay tribute to the guy who singehandidly did more on and off the field for Michigan football than any player I can remember over the past 40 years.  Which is why i also posted the pic in this thread.

And it made me real, real sad.