Nice article on Camp Sanderson and Beilein's player development

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There's a nice article by Sndyer at the Freep about the benefits of Camp Sanderson and Beilein's skill development. 

LINK:  Michigan's Jon Sanderson, Beilein development, boosts NBA interest

For mgo-obsessives, there isn't a whole lot of new information. From my perspective, the interesting observation is that the NBA is taking notice. Partially because of Michigan, a number of players have stuck with the NBA. Here are a few quotes for those of you who refuse a Freep link:

Michigan has become deeply respected in the NBA conversations. Before Beilein arrived at Michigan in 2007, he had no NBA pedigree. His players were talented and he won NCAA tournament games but they never panned out at the next level. That’s rapidly changing and Beilein’s decade longevity at U-M plays a role.
“It’s clear when you watch Michigan play they have a culture and a system similar to all the great teams in the NBA,” an NBA assistant coach told the Free Press. The coach did not want his name used because he is not authorized to speak publicly about prospects and schools. “Similar to all the great teams in the NBA. You look at the Spurs, you look at the Warriors, they have a culture and a system that they stick to. For Michigan, you see how it goes both on and off the court.”
Michigan had five players from the 2013 runner-up team picked in the first round of the 2013, 2014 and 2016 drafts.

Here's more:

“Look at the guys they have in the NBA now, it says something,” the coach said. “Nik Stauskas, everyone’s shocked when he goes and dunks on a guy. I’m like, he did that in college and he’s doing that in the NBA. Tim Hardaway (Jr.) is such a smooth, explosive athlete. Glenn Robinson (III) winning the dunk contest, he’s found his niche in the NBA. All three of those guys, going to back to the mental makeup, their first years in the NBA were rocky. They all got traded, they all got cut and now because they got the mental and physical to keep on going, they’ve turned themselves into nice NBA players.”
It goes back to Beilein players’ defining traits — shooting and passing — and Sanderson building basketball strength and flexibility.

The great thing about this is how it "might" affect recruiting. Beilein needs to continue to get players he believes will fit. He can develop them mentally and with shooting ability. Sanderson can mold them physically, gaining muscle and hops and speed. The big thing is for HS and AAU coaches, along with the players and their families, to understand the benefit. If they believe that they will have a better chance of getting to the NBA by going to Michigan, it may open some doors. If a player believes he is ready for professional ranks and doesn't want coaches to get in the way, well, he might be a better fit elsewhere. But an intelligent player who wants to use a year or two to develop strength, improve shooting skills, and learn a system . . . well, some of them might consider going to Michigan.





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I was struck by our level of conditioning in the Big Ten Tournament.  Each game it seemed like we had more energy than our opponent, when you'd have expected the opposite.  


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I was told by people here that player development was a weakness of the staff and that everyone was a weakling afraid of being strong. I find it hard to square that with this article. I'll need a minute...



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Truth is Wilson might be the best devlopmental player under Coach B. I believe he was rated higher than Caris LeVert but Wilson, if he stays another year I could see moving into the late lottery.  

Ali G Bomaye

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Beilein was ahead of the curve. He's been coaching an offense based around constant movement, screening, and the three-point shot for 20 years. Just within the last five years or so, all the best NBA teams have adopted variations of the same thing, because it works. Suddenly everybody wants Beilein-type players.


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Now if just more players heard that . . . we need someone in Mo Bamba's ear telling him that if he really wants to play in the NBA, Michigan is one of the best routes. Even as a one and done, he would learn and do more than at KY or Duke. And if he isn't ready after one year, and is advised to stay, then do two years at Michigan. A win win situation for him and for Michigan.


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You couldn't be more right. More and more NBA teams want 5 guys on the floor that can shoot from outside. Beilein set the standard for the modern nba offense decades ago.  And yet he still finds new variations to throw off opposing teams. Pitino knew what he had to do and still couldnt stop them.  The addition of Donlon on defense was a perfect fit for Beilein. 


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Yeah, I always give the obligatory tip of the cap and blockquotes for the Freep fanatics. Lucky for me that Section 1 has either been banned or just decided to go elsewhere. Have to say, if the Freep still has it in for UM, I haven't been able to tell.

I kind of suspect that both the Freep and Det News get some story ideas from mgoblog. More than once I've seen an article that seems suspiciously like something posted at mgoblog. I also assume that most local reporters are users at mgoblog. Helps them to keep their finger on the pulse of the current Michigan Zeitgeist. However, where the MSM still is helpful is in some of the info in this article. They have the phone contacts and ability to actually interview coaches in in the NBA or former Michigan athletes or others with information beyond the ability of most mgousers to find out.

I wonder in addition to the media how many Michigan coaches and athletes have accounts, and also celebrities, alumni or otherwise, pro athletes, university administration, etc. I would assume that the proprieters often, but not always, know the identity of certain users. And that such information is tightly guarded.


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Amazing how winning changes the whole paradigm of how things are viewed.  A few short months ago the conversation was KILL IT WITH FIRE.