NHL Playoffs Open Thread

Submitted by FatGuyLittleCoat on April 28th, 2014 at 6:46 PM
Game 6 scenarios tonight. San Jose, Colorado and Pittsburgh can win the series with wins tonight.

PIT vs CBJ @ 7:00
COL vs MIN @ 9:00
SJS vs LAK @ 10:00

Will any of the underdogs take it to a game 7?



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Not sure how well his algorithm holds for the NHL, but it is interesting all the same...

Team Standing Pred. Score Pred. Win. Prob.
Pittsburgh # 6 (54-33) 3 49%
@ Columbus # 10 (45-42) 3 49%
San Jose # 5 (54-33) 2 44%
@ Los Angeles # 9 (48-39) 3 54%
Colorado # 4 (55-32) 2 43%
@ Minnesota # 14 (45-42) 3 55%



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Not sure I liked the penalty call but understand it's a borderline play and may have had to have been called. Good kill, but Sutter looks a bit shaken up with a lower body injury.

Hat trick!!!! Malkin!


April 28th, 2014 at 9:43 PM ^

Not sure what the hell happened there...I come back from missing 5-10 minutes (saw the first goal, shorthanded) and it's 4-3.  Damn.  These guys need to start playing 60 minutes of eff'n hockey.


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And missed most of the CBJ-PIT game. Um...glad CBJ made it a game. Really. Great series between the two. CBJ will only get better under John Davidson (president of hockey operations) and I look forward to more succesful seasons. Good serried PIT and. We will see what happens in the playoffs for you


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Yeah, hopefully Sutter and Vitale aren't seriously injured.  If they miss the next yound Pittsburgh is in trouble regardless of if it is Philly or the Rangers.


CBJ showed heart, man.  Gotta take pride in the first two playoff wins in franchise history.

Dilithium Wings

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As a wings fan, go Avs. I'll be pulling for them and Roy for the rest of the playoffs. I grew up appreciating and respecting Colorado for being that rival that was the most fierce in all of professional sports during 96-03. It was a great run for both teams that provided so many great memories.