NFL Mock Draft, 2019 1st Round - Gary to Lions, Patterson to Chargers

Submitted by Mike Damone on April 30th, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Gotta love the sports websites that can't even wait a week past the 2018 NFL Draft to start the conjecture on the 2019 Draft.  SB Nation issued their mock 2019 Draft, and have Rashan Gary going to the Lions at pick #16, and Shea Patterson going to the Chargers at pick #22.…

For fun notes here:

1) Shea is 3rd QB off the board in this mock draft, behind Justin Hebert of Oregon and Drew Lock of Missouri.  CBS Sports also has Shea going in 1st round in their 2019 Mock Draft, #24 to Jacksonville.

2) Gary selected much later than other DTs and DEs, including Nick Bosa of OSU.  Hard to believe he wouldn't be a top 5-10 pick.

Can't believe we just got Shea on board - and now he is already projected as gone.  The hype train is moving fast - going to be a wild Fall 2018!



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But I just read on the front page Gary is a unanimous top 10 pick! What happened in the last 10 minutes to cause him to drop?!?!


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Is the team placement.   And it's always a given Cleveland will be at #1 and the Patriots will be picking last.

I do disagree with the authors though on the Bills.  They will be a steaming hot pile of poo next year with QBs A.J. McCarron & Josh Allen.  I'm betting hard on the under (6.5) of their win total.


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Lavert Hill should also be a 1st rounder. I wouldn't be surprised if Chase gets a lot of 1st round hype in the season and then falls to the 2nd or 3rd round because he's seen as a pass rush specialist.

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Wasn't really commenting on where Shea would be drafted.

Was more trying to make the point that adding a first-round caliber QB to the team could make for an exciting season overall for the team.

In other words, we could be playing well in to 2019...when you add a first-round caliber QB to a top-five defense, plenty of returning skill players on offense, and a hopefully improved offensive line.


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How is Shea projected as a top QB when he hasn't even played a full season yet?  The guy's only played 10 games in college.  I'm sure he is a talent but it is very bizarre 


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He wouldn't be the first guy not to have played a full season but then followed that up with a year that launched him into 1st round territory. Mitch Trubisky had 82 passing attempts before becoming a starter in 2016 and then being a 1st rounder in 2017.


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On the topic of Shea hopefully being successful in his first full season, Magnus, do you think that if Shea is very successful this year, that Michigan and Harbaugh would start recruiting QBs differently? Moving away from tradition pro style QBs and more towards Dual threat types?


April 30th, 2018 at 1:13 PM ^

I don't think Harbaugh will ever fully move away from going after pro-style quarterbacks, because that's the system he knows. He also doesn't recruit statues - Peters, Milton, McCaffrey, etc. are all guys who can move a little bit.

But I think Harbaugh has already turned his eye toward guys who are more mobile. The 2019 QB commit, Cade McNamara, is a shorter guy who can move. They also are/were recruiting other quarterbacks who can run a little.

As we have seen time and time again, no matter what level, the game is going to come down to a situation where your QB has to throw the ball to win. Jalen Hurts couldn't throw in the NCG, so he was replaced by Tagovailoa, who won the game with his arm. Deshaun Watson won the NCG because he could run AND pass. Nick Foles, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, etc. can all throw the ball well, and they've done it on the biggest stages.


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Dont forget McCaffrey and milton have the ability to move with their legs especially McCaffrey some sites had him graded as a duel threat and not a pro style. Im excited to see some RPOs this year. College defenses have trouble guarding those plays if they are ran correctly

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"McCaffrey some sites had him graded as a duel threat"

I sure hope Dylan doesn't go around challenging people to duel with swords or pistols. That would have a negative effect on team morale, I would think.


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about the same as Carson Wentz (408) before his final year. His final year only had 208 passing attempts before going #2 overall. Shea is certainly more scouted at this point so a known commodity.

If Shea’s 2018 matches his potential, high first rd is completely logical.