NFL Insiders embarrass their mothers, Volume I: John Clayton

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I know many of you are tired of these threads.  I agree with you that the most important thing is that Harbaugh is in Ann Arbor as the future coach.  But I am not at "don't care what NFL guys say" level, not yet.  It matters that they're making asses of themselves, and it bears further comment and ridicule.  This is prime material for a Brian/Seth/Ace/BISB takedown, and I hope they have a proper article planned during the offseason (I realize Brian has been lighting them on fire throughout the search, but a dedicated, consolidated piece would be read-worthy). 

John Clayton just said on Sportscenter that Jim Harbaugh is at Michigan because he "played his hand last week", insinuating he played it too early.  Recognizing that NFL teams couldn't talk to him due to tampering, but the now infamous "you can do these things through back channels".  So apparently tampering is not a thing, it's fine and normal if done through back channels.  The Jets said no, and the Dolphins said no.  And then "he didn't really get a chance to talk to the Raiders", took the Michigan job because it was the only option he had, and will "work on that", then go back to the NFL. 

Obvious logical flaw: the Jets and Dolphins were able to engage in backchannel tampering, but the Raiders did not?  What about the Bears or Falcons?  Did they obey the tampering rules like the Raiders, or did they also not want a coach with the fifth best NFL winning percentage of all time, like the Jets and Dolphins?  Because the suck level of these teams would suggest otherwise. 

Contradiction with guy in cubicle next to him: "Though Jim Harbaugh is expected to land at Michigan, NFL teams such as the Bears, Jets, Raiders continue making overtures to change his mind."  - Adam Schefter.  ESPN is reporting both of these things simultaneously, as if they are both correct.  

This is careless and thoughtless reporting, and it defies common sense.  That, or they are for some reason telling a story to "cover" the NFL for losing one of its top coaches.  In that case they are just flat out lying. 



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So no team likes him and he has no opportunities now, but he can come back anytime in the future and any team would welcome him with open arms. That's essentially the 'insider' thought. Makes perfect sense to me


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It doesn't matter. Reporters get info from all kinds of inside sources and in return those sources will get the reporters to put stuff out there to fit their agenda.


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I disagree with this on many levels, which may be obvious by the content of my post.  But rooting out the irrational, calling attention to it, and working to correct it has always been a source of great pleasure to me.  Quite the opposite of misery.  

The old "grant me the serenity..."?  Sure, if I'm sliding into the incinerator like Woody and his pals near the end of Toy Story 3, I'd like to serenely accept my fate.  But this is not that situation.  It's not OK to be so careless that your reporting is completely worthless, nor is it OK to flat out lie.  Calling this out on message boards is my small attempt to bring down the Matrix.  (I've been watching movies during break) 


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I know everyone thinks we should ignore these, but it's really important to hold Clayton, Schefter, and other NFL nuts accountable for what they say

Its me Dave

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I don't really mind when people try to cover their tracks after making lousy initial conclusions and reports.  I understand how they'd be  more interested in saving their reputations than the truth. It's about saving face.

But when these people happen to be journalists with the power of the national mass media behind them, I say hang 'em high, hang 'em by their own petards.  Be loud, unforgiving and relentess in holding them accountable.

Not holding pundits accountable (and a short collective memory) is the reason we have nothing but hacks for the political beat.


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I wouldnt mind it if it was all in 1 thread and you guys compiled all the affronts by these NFL guys but we get the drift - NFL guys suck, have been wrong, and are finding ways to cover their behinds with inaccurate stories.  Sitting here each 2 hrs and itemizing each reporter makes us look really petty and in a way very insecure.  Like... not only did we win the prize but we need everyone to acknowledge we got the prize so look at us and aplogize for your actions.  I think most of us are fine with having the prize and knowing in a general sense the NFL guys all failed tremendously.  Everything else is just details.

Positive energy dude.   

Anyhow, Happy Harbaugh Day. 

Magnum P.I.

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It seems to me like the ESPN guys have gotten fat and complacent. Of all the reporters who covered this story, the ESPN guys were clearly the worst at their jobs, to a man. ESPN/the NFL are more like the WWF than real journalism/sports nowadays. Bill Simmons learned what happens when you don't tow the party line.

I wouldn't mind a day where all ESPN reports are banned on here, a la Bleacher Report. In fact, I'd be in favor of banning ESPN and reinstating Bleacher Report.

Laser Wolf

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Michigan insiders were right. They were wrong. Everything now on their end is CYA. Let them run around and make excuses. I'll be here basking in the warmth of Harbaugh.

Matt Millens M…

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Schefty and the Cryptkeeper have made giant asses of themselves. The sad thing is though, the general public get their news from ESPN and not the real legit insiders that we know and love. Unfortunately people will think these asshats are right and broke the hiring first. Makes me want to puke, frankly.

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I enjoy reading the negative spin from NFL types and Spartoons.  It ranges from this would never happen because Michigan is no longer an elite program to Harbaugh is screwing his alama matter out of $8m a year and will be gone in 3 back to the NFL. 

Give Jim 2-3 years and we'll be back on top worried only about OSU as it should be and Meyer/OSU -  Harbaugh/UM  will be the biggest rivalry in sports. 

But to say this isn't the biggest  hire for the best job open this year is just silly.   

Answer me this naysayers: when was the last time a Michigan coach quit for another college job or the NFL?  When you figure that out let me know because I am not smart enough to find the answer, if there is one other than never.  

Izzo says he'll take his coach.  We'll take ours. And the next 20 years. 



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shuts these people up with a rousing introduction at noon. Part of Harbaugh's success can be attributed to his passion. He's not coming home because that's the best he could do, he's coming home because there was nothing he wanted more.


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I DO wonder whether these guys actually believe their own nonsense, or if they know it's NFL-spin. Or both.

I would like to think that Clayton (who is usually a good journalist IMO) wouldn't be that stupid AND wouldn't be a puppet for the NFL, but that would mean that ESPN is strong-arming their reporters into throwing out idiotic analysis. That idea makes me equally nervous.


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Who cares?  I care.  These clowns are still shitting all over our party--hell, as late as yesterday NBC Sports was saying the Bears were making a late run.  Whaaaaaaat?  Were they standing on the tarmac at Metro with a contract and a few tubs of Garretts?

BTB, when is Volume 6: Colin Cowhered going to post?


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It's possible to be ecstatic about the Harbaugh hire and still upset at this nonsense.  In another thread I mentioned being near tears at his homecoming, and we're celebrating Harbaugh Day in the household.  It's not stealing any joy.  

But foolish nonsense can be pointed and laughed at, even amongst the dancing and singing.