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at either G or C.  The only guys still left on the board that fit that billing are James Daniels, Will Hernandez and Connor Williams if you consider him a G.  Those three aren't lasting through 18 picks tonight.  Who did you want instead?  Taven Bryan?  If you say RB, then you're really defeating your value argument.  Ragnow was a great pick.


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"Ragnow participated in nine of Arkansas' twelve games as a freshman, playing as a center."

"As a junior, Ragnow started 12 games as the Hogs' center"

"He played as the starting center as a senior in 2017"


He was a 3 year starter, with two years at center... played 33 games at center. Started 24 games at center.




"Ragnow may not be able to match Nelson’s 2017 grade, but he has back-to-back seasons with a mark of 93.7 or better. In fact, those back-to-back seasons represent the two highest graded seasons for a center in the four years PFF has graded every game of college at the FBS level."



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"Played all of 6 games there at Arkansas?" 

He played in nine games as a true frosh, started all 13 as a sophomore, and started all 13 as a junior.  The fact that he sprained his ankle in the middle of his senior year after THAT kind of a start is hardly a knock.

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Mayfield was a huge gamble in a year when you absolutely have to get it right. Browns front office actually makes the Lions look good. And then the OSU corner at #4? Don't know much about him but look at some of the talent they passed on to take a corner. Cornerbacks are vital of course but they are also hurt easily--it's a miracle if a starter makes it through an entire season. You don't take a corner that high unless you're certain he's a multiple Pro Bowler.