NFL considering proposal to abolish extra points

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Is the extra point about to go the way of the dinosaur? NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told NFL Media's Rich Eisen on Monday that the league's Competition Committee might eventually abolish the time-tested point after touchdown in favor of a brand-new scoring system.

"The extra point is almost automatic," Goodell said. "I believe we had five missed extra points this year out of 1,200 some odd (attempts). So it's a very small fraction of the play, and you want to add excitement with every play.…



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Who can forget that instead of a coin toss, it was two guys trying to beat the living shit out of each other for possession of the football.  With all the player protection talk out there, hard to see this flying today.


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no charm, no history, just entertainment.  College football is and should be different from the NFL.  It has more soul, more passion, more history, a different association, not just where you're from but where you were a student.  I like watching both, but they are dramatically different in my opinion and that's a good thing.  Dave Brandon is screwing up Michigan football for no purpose, he just collects money at the expense of the product.  NFL is designed to make money therefore it makes sense for Roger Goodell.  


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Is eliminating td dances for money too? Or suspending exciting players like Pacman Jones and Sean Merriman? The NFL is a business just like anything else, but Goodell has done nothing to hurt the product on the field or the entertainment value unless it was for safety and integrity's sake. Similarly, DB had done nothing to hurt Michigan football, and in fact has helped it dramatically. He has only hurt the ability of the fans to watch football, but that's what all ADs are doing, and thats not what you said anyway.


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I don't like Goodell, I just have a lower set of expectations for the NFL because of what it is.  It's better players in a different system and I like the college system better.  But I think Goodell is probably a bit racist and I don't get why people don't like celebration dances in sports for the record....

As far as DB goes though, he has done several things that have hurt Michigan football from timing in firings, to hirings, to alienating good Michigan fans from Michigan.  And while perhaps hiring Harbaugh or Miles wasn't a possibility, the increase in pricing on tickets is outpacing demand in a very harmful manner with little incentive.  He is also a liar, who lies to me like I'm too stupid to know he's lying, and it is hell of obnoxious.  


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I like that they're open to change, if they come up with something better than the gimmie extra point I'll be for it. I hope they don't "fix" it and end up replacing PATs with something worse. To me they need to address the fumble challenge issue first. That's already an obvious and embarrassing problem.


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points coming from kicks...I have always thought it was strange that something so fundamentally different from the rest of the game can account for such a large percentage of scoring.  Especially since kickers have evolved so much and become so accurate.  This would be a huge change...but after a TD, let teams go for 1, 2, or 3...1 from the 3 yard line, 2 from the 10, 3 from the 20.  


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was trying to make...though I can see that it seems that way.  My thought, I guess, is the fact that I have a hard time with a team getting 6 points for a touchdown, which are generally hard to come by.  On the other hand, you get to the 30 and kick a field goal, you get half the points. This year, there were only 52 misses from 40-49 in the entire NFL this year.  I don't know, just throwing out ideas.  

I dumped the Dope

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How about adding a fake from the 20 converted to a score would mean 2.

So the options are kick from the 20 (as a 37ydfg) for +1pt or Standard Offense from the 2yd to gain +2 on a score with the above.

Also allow D to recover and score the other way for a Block-6.


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Add one or two cheerleaders to the field goal block team. Then football players can just chuck them into the air as the kicker attempts to kick the field goal. Seems like an easy way to block half of all field goal kicks, although that would induce teams to fake the kick more frequently.


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Each team must choose one of their nose tackles, and they have a 100-yd foot race, from goal line to goal line. The winner's team gets 2 pts.