Next Florida coach?

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If not for Jabba getting the boot, I think Kelly would have ended up at Florida.



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wouldn't it be nice if BK left ND now, and I coached either Florida or Notre Dame??? Then i could be sure Michigan would win whenever they played them year!!

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No way. Strong has no head coaching experience except for a 27-10 Peach Bowl loss to Miami as an interim coach when Ron Zook was fired in 2004. UF is in a position where they probably won't train a HC on the job anymore.

I want to see Chris Petersen get the job. BSU is currently undefeated again and can't sniff the championship, and they definitely got screwed with their bowl matchup. I would imagine that, for a coach of his caliber, the time would be right for a move.

Also, they might have to take a look at Meyer's successor at Utah, Kyle Whittingham. He's 47-17 there, and 32-7 his last three years. It would be a long shot, but I could see Meyer reccommending him, and hiring from Utah worked out pretty well in Meyer's case.

At any rate, it should be a lot of fun to watch. Since I live in FL, I will be experiencing a great media frenzy for awhile.


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Kyle Wittingham. If Urban Meyer has some say over his successor it may help his chances. Wittingham was his D coordinator at Utah. They may even take a look at Harbaugh. Probably will make a run at Bob Stoops as well but don't think he would go.

Wolverine In Exile

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is the #1 "dark horse" candidate, but he's only done it at Utah following Meyer. Before he got the Florida job, Meyer had remarkable success at both Utah AND Bowling Green as a HC. If Meyer trusts him, then Foley has to make that move (especially if Meyer retains some sort of "Executive Ass't AD" role at UF)


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And he had the resolve to go against the fans wish for the return of Spurrier to take Meyer with him. It's been 5 years since Meyer left Utah, so it's not like the still successful program is Meyer's doing. As for him just sustaining what Meyer has already built, well, that's what he'd be doing at Florida too. And he's shown his undefeated team can beat Bama.

I don't think Harbaugh would "fit" Florida. AZ Stoops would be a bit underwhelming. The aforementioned NC coach might have an outside shot. But I'm going with the Utah pipeline.

Wolverine In Exile

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Tim Tebow.

Now that I got that out of the way, a quick shotgun target of possible coaches for Florida to me would be:

Petrino (already a mercenary and maybe losing his QB to the draft)
RichRod (See post in the Urban Meyer is leaving thread)
Charlie Strong (quick rehire?)
Dennis Erickson
The ass't in Texas who's Mack Brown's Coach-in-waiting (Musgrave? Musgrove?)

Wolverine In Exile

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but I would say that OU and UF are about the same job. And Stoops is already entrenched with Western recruiting pipelines, has a QB coming back, and is soon going to be facing the prospect of a Mack Brown-less Texas team (I venture 2-3 yrs at most left for Mack). TexTech is a up/down team, no one in the Big 12 North is a potential powerhouse anymore (yes, including Nebraska), and the Big 12 is still a big money program so I don't think Stoops would jump.

Wolverine In Exile

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he signed with Miss St before last season was 4 yrs at $1.2M each. Now that he has 3 yrs left, that's a $3.6M potential buy-out... I would think that if Foley really has him in the sights, he'd be able to get him for less than $3.6M in buy-out money.

UPDATE: Mullen's in talks for a contract extension at Miss St, but state laws prevent a state employee from having a contract longer than 4 years at any time, so they're renegotiating a 1 yr extension. (Source: I would say Mullen is available.

Twisted Martini

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Charlie Strong is probably not a happy guy right now. Hey Charlie, did you sign the contract yet? I have to say it would be hilarious if Kelly hadn't signed HIS contract and punks the Domers.


December 27th, 2009 at 2:45 AM ^

I hadn't thought of Davis, but he would be a great hire. He rebuilt The U, but has hit the wall at UNC, at least when it comes to recruiting. The school allocates so much of its resources for hoops (rightfully so, I might add) that there doesn't seem to be enough to attract quality recruits for football.

Even with limited personnel, Davis' teams are always well-prepared and play hard.


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he seems to be on every list of candidates for a vacant head coaching spot, whether it be in the NFL or ill just throw his name out there for that simple reason


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Mike Leach!

Just imagine if he could get a hold of the type of talent a school like Florida has.

If Florida really wanted Charlie Strong, it would not be out of the realm of possibility for them to hire him, especially since he probably has not signed his contract yet.

Jim Leavitt anyone?