News on Michigan-Maryland Game Coming Tomorrow (Weather Related)

Submitted by EastCoast on September 30th, 2015 at 3:53 PM

So....this ain't good.


Team source: "people at Schembechler are freaking out right now." Says decision on potential postponement/new site should come Thursday.

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Michigan will be judged by their record and it will count in the Big Ten standings.  For them to be deprived of a game against a tomato can would totally suck, especially when OSU and MSU get to play them.  

They can play this game at the Big House if they have to.


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I remember we rented Airplane for our disc player, not laser disc, disc player. It was like a record in a huge thin plastic sleeve that you would load into the player, it would grab the disc, then eject the plastic sleeve. It was awesome!

Movie came out in 1980 but I think we rented it around 1984 right after my 4th grade Saturday morning basketball game. My parents had no idea there were boobs in it. This must have also been my first experience with boobs, and they were spectacular! My poor mom trying to deal with the hormones of 10 and 11 year old boys after that little snafu.


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CED was a competing technology with LaserDisk/Betamax/VHS before VHS beat everybody.  My aunt had quite a few CEDs (no Airplane!, though) and we watched Star Wars and Time Bandits every time we went to her house in Pennsylvania for Easter.  Good times from childhood.  Nothing like getting a break halfway through a movie because you had to flip the disk over.

Doctor Wolverine

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If Maryland is out, I vote we do something crazy. Logistically, any alternate venue isn't going to have much of a crowd this late in the game. Even the Big House would struggle to get 2/3 full. Instead, I think we should roll out some artificial turf on an aircraft carrier (outside of the hurricane zone obviously). Maryland is already wearing their "black ops" unis so it would fit the theme!


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and give Maryland all the revenue they are entitled to as a home team, unless the Terrapins want to switch the game as a home team and let Michigan host. Can't really see that. 

This is actually a huge decision for many reasons. I think postponement because of a potential hurricane is NCAA and league policy, for safety of teams and fans. This is a BTN broadcast so after the choice of venue is determined and time, they do have kind of a stake in the proceedings. 

Again, I wonder if Michigan could make the Big House available on short notice for this contest, I mean security-wise for a potential night game. Unless it was played at noon instead, Harbaugh time. 

Rather than seek to reschedule on another date, I think switching sites makes a lot of sense, with Maryland then getting home dates the next two times the teams play. 


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That's a great idea.  Easy access for a ton of UM fans in the metro Detroit area.  Even though the crowd would be for Michigan, it would nullify many of the home game advantages for Michigan.  

Both teams would be using a locker room and playing on a field they are not used to.


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Seriously, I don't know why people keep suggesting that the game be played in some random ass east coast location like Pittsburgh... DC area fans are going to be more concerned with hunkering down than travelling to the game, relative closeness to the Maryland campus is irrelevant. College football is not the NFL, either, where you could probably get 75,000 people to watch the Jags play the Titans on a Friday morning, nobody in Pittsburgh gives a shit about this game. Detroit is obviously not a neutral site, but it is the only place with the experience and the interest level to take a relocated game like this on.  


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- There are only 8 in the NFL (4 fixed and 4 retractable) -- Detroit, New Orleans, Atlanta and St Louis, along with Dallas, Houston, Indy and Arizona. So none on the east coast, or near it.

- In college, you've got the Carrier Dome and the Alamodome (which hosts a bowl).

So unless they want to go to say, Syracuse (who is coincidentally off this week), a dome's not an option. And I have no idea why'd they'd go to Syracuse, where they'd play in front of less than 10,000 fans, and it's not close to either team (which I guess is fair, but I'm sure a huge pain in the butt).