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I've done a few of these recently, but usually focused on B1G news which seems to be a little thin this week and doggone it, if I don't get scooped by all the resourceful MGoBloggers out there...I'd have more to report.  But, some good stuff regardless this week...

Ohio State has made a policy change regarding its marching band's practice of changing uniforms(zzzz) during road trips.  In order to address their over-sexualized culture, the school reported to the US Dept of Education that the band will now designate specific rooms for changing as opposed to changing in public, on busses or hallways or wherever they damn well please.  AND they're not to socialize in other students' hotel rooms.  Junior high school anyone?  Link:

My alma mater, Air Force, will be donning a helmet this week with its iconic lightening bolt colored pink, in honor of National Breast Cancer Awereness Month.  I realize that other schools are doing similar things with accessories and such, but I can't help but notice that it seems like more schools are following suit due to the NFL's involvement taking a serious hit.  Anyway, proud of my school and their support to fighting this terrible disease.  Link:

And finally, MGoBlog alumni Tom VH is having caffeine withdrawls:

I stopped drinking Diet Coke two days ago. I can't sleep and I have a pounding headache. I'm a Diet Coke junkie apparently.




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Why is the bolt infamous? I would think it would be more famous, but hey I don't much about the history of The Bolt™.


But really, I love watching the flexbone/option run by the service academies, stuff like that is what makes college FB more fun than the NFL to me.


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I used to buy a big gulp of diet coke on the way to work every day and drink it through the day. On weekends I had symptoms like TVH. Then I noticed if I drank a diet coke on weekends - the headache would clear. The way I was able to quit was by shifting to real coke, and they cutting back on that over time.

It's not the caffeine - it is the sweetener or something else in the diet coke.


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finding a cure for cancer/breast cancer, then they wouldn't spend so much on new uniformz to "raise awareness", they would instead take all of the money required for the uniformz and donate it to a research foundation.

The last three years the teams I've coached have done this. Instead of wearing the pink socks, we collect at least $5 from every player and send it towards research.

It really frustrates me that these kids think it looks cool to play football while wearing pink while people (my grandma) are dying of breast cancer.


Number 7

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5-Hour Energy is donating some unspecified portion of their profits -- a minimum of $200,000 to "Living Beyond Breast Cancer", a non-profict dedicated to "connecting people with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support."

That may not be here nor there, and the organization may be a very good one -- but it's not "research."

turd ferguson

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I think the backlash against the pink uniforms sometimes goes over the top.  I'm cynical, so I think the NFL (especially) and college football do this mostly to endear themselves to females, who could bring them big money.  Still, awareness is a real thing, and sometimes the self-interests of people looking for money actually intersect with the interests of the rest of the world.  Maybe we'd be better off if we spread the awareness stuff out a bit more (across breast cancer, prostate cancer, global poverty, human trafficking, ... whatever), but breast cancer is genuinely terrible and I'd imagine that these efforts have helped the fundraising efforts, along with getting people to pay more attention to monitoring themselves and their loved ones.

Stepping back, I love that you collected $5 from each player for breast cancer research and got your kids thinking about how to contribute to the world.  I think that's a really nice move.  All the best to your family, as well.


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If the NFL truly cared only about helping those with cancer, shouldn't they focus on testicular or prostate cancer?  Men are the primary fans of the NFL and I'd bet FAR fewer people are aware of the checks necessary to determine if you are afflicted with either of these cancers.  Advertising breast cancer awareness from the NFL is the equivalent of The Real Housewives series raising awareness about prostate cancer.  You aren't hitting your target audience.


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I think it's great that the NFL and other sports reach out to their potential female fanbase.  Anything that promotes inclusion is a good thing.  

I do have a question for any women here though:

Have any of you ever worn a pink jersey for your team or known other female sports fans who do?  I think it's absolutely shitty when men gatekeep their fandom and scrutinize women with the assumption that they're not "true fans"  Jane Coaston had an excellent article on this a few weeks ago, and as a gamer, this has definitely been a huge cultural problem within that community.  Still I've always thought pink jerseys are an insultingly pandering gesture (Jessica Simpson being the poster child for pink jerseys probably didn't help), but I'm not a woman so my opinion doesn't matter as much on this count.  What do y'all think about pink?


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The difference between the nfl and cfb and your team is that they can sell gear to raise more money.  If a uniform costs $100 to produce (it doesn't) and they turn around and sell it for $500 (game worn gear goes for more) they are still raising an extra $400 over just donating the money the uniform would have cost.  

I also don't get why people are so anti awareness.  Breast cancer is one of the most overfunded diseases that exist, especially relative to its numbers.  I'm all for continuing to raise money for research but that isn't really the issue as there is tons of money in this research already while awareness could help save more lives by leading to more people getting screened and knowing what to look for.  I'm sorry for your family, cancer is a truly terrible disease but your comment isn't really helpful.  If you really want reform make sure you are giving your money to responsible places that provide more than just research grants and avoid the susan g kommen foundation.


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I agree that creating awareness for breast cancer is great. Its something that needs to be done and has affected many families, mine included. I just think quite a few people are a little bit weary of the over saturation of breast cancer awareness for the sake of making a greater profit, not to mention the lack of awareness being generated for other diseases and cancers.  I know thats its still doing good and does generate money for research, but I can't help but get a little upset thinking the NFL is using breast cancer as a means to make more money for themselves, while at the same time people I know are dying from this disease.  If they truly wanted to help, they could also provide awareness for prostrate cancer or heart disease, especially given the demographics of their fanbase. Yet, this probably will never be the case since there is no money to be made.

The current awareness and money generated to help fight breast cancer is a positive, but I think most people agree that so much more could be done/improved in this area, along with helping to raise awareness and money for other cancers and diseases using the NFL as a platform.  I guess it sounds greedy saying that, but I don't think its unfair for people to hope that the incentive to do this could one day be motivated by wanting to do good as opposed to using cancer to turn the greatest possible profit. 


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But I would disagree with you that "my comment isn't really helpful".

Its more helpful than letting my kids wear pink socks and gloves. Plus look at the people who have responded to this thread, looks like it sparked some ideas with others as well.

Good day to you.


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I so LOVE that Blast.  What a perfect response.

FWIW - I have a similar approach to people (usually kids) who want me to donate money for their cause based on whatever stupid thing they plan to do for the weekend.  "Hey - we're going to walk in circles all weekend - will you sponser us at X dollars per stupid lap we walk?"

My response is "I will match a paycheck instead.  Go get a job at a fast foot resturant - all of them are always hiring - and work there for a couple of weeks.  You donate your paycheck to the cause and I'll match it."

That almost always ends the discussion.  They dont want to actually have to WORK to raise money - they want to do fun things and have me donate.


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On the investigation with their band, I thought it was a joke when I first saw this being cited as an actual quote from the official statement OSU released. Yet, it turned out this was actually happening, with the statement indeed saying, word-for-word:

A female student sitting on laps and pretending to orgasm. This included her sitting on her younger brother’s lap and pretending to orgasm on “make the Band night.” Her nickname was “Squirt.”

I'm sorry, but I can't help pointing out how this having been part of their antics is just so.......Ohio.

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No doubt band members tend to have that extra freaky side. I only knew a handful of people in the MMB, but they made it quite clear things could get pretty wild during their parties. Plus the guy that wrote the American Pie series is a Michigan alum, so he obviously knew all about that.

But when a brother and sister start getting down with each other, even if it's just 'pretend', that's probably on a level that would make even the raunchiest at Michigan uncomfortable. I guess you could say they're a bit more open minded at OSU, though.


October 16th, 2014 at 11:12 AM ^

Under another policy change, membership in the band is limited to five years for both playing members and student support staff.The band's directing staff is given the explicit right to "suspend, dismiss, or replace a band member'' for reasons including poor marching and/or playing performance, poor rehearsal attitude, or overall improper behavior.

I suppose I didn't realize that you could actually be considered a full member of the OSU Marching Band long after your actual graduation potentially, but then I am guessing this is meant to keep such a "culture" as the one they are trying to change from becoming ingrained again. 


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How about some love for Air Force's coach Troy Calhoun. Success is tough at a service academy. He is currently 53-43 at AF. He was 41-21 his first five seasons, but was 6-7 and 2-10 the last two. He is 4-2 so far this year. When the Bronco's fired Josh McDaniel, Calhoun was talked about as a possible HC for the Broncos. In addition to AF, where he played QB, he has an exellent resume.

  • Air Force, HC 2007-present
  • Houston Texans, OC 2006
  • Denver Broncos, 2003-2005 ass't on D, O and ST
  • Wake Forest, OC/QB 2001-2003
  • Ohio, OC/QB 1995-2000
  • Air Force, 1989-1994, Grad Asst, recuiting coordinator, JV OC

He is probably a lifer at AF. I have said this before, Troy Calhoun is a great coach and he should be on the list after John and Jim H.


October 16th, 2014 at 1:11 PM ^

and I agree that Troy should be at least considered.  He has a good feel for discipline, duh its an Academy...and he knows how to get a lot out of the talent he's been given.  Troy was two years older than me at the Blue Zoo and he was a very approachable guy and has developed into a real coaching talent.  I think he could coach the tempo stuff we've been hoping for if he were at Michigan.