New York Times article on Wisconsin: condemns lack of sportsmanship

Submitted by Marvin on November 17th, 2010 at 10:01 PM

I apologize if this has already been posted, but the NY Times rips into Wisconsin for running it up on Indiana in order to amp up their BCS rankings. Here's the link:


One highlight: "Wisconsin’s 63-point victory exemplified a lack of sportsmanship, compassion and mercy, but it crystallized a system that has made those concepts obsolete by encouraging the mighty to crush the weak"


I might hate Bielema more than Danny Hope.



November 18th, 2010 at 9:48 AM ^

When watching Bo's teams crush opponents in the 70s, at no point did I ever think, "that's enough".  I always wanted more, more, and more.  It used to drive me crazy when Lloyd came along and started taking a knee.  When Bo was coaching, the only reason for taking a knee was because you were worried something bad might happen in a close came.  Taking a knee to be nice to the opponent falls under the mambie, pambie heading and I just hate it.  If you can score 100, more power to you.  This idea that you shouldn't make an opponent feel bad just cracks me up.

Wolverine Pride

November 18th, 2010 at 9:54 AM ^

The Wisconsin coach, I can't stand him so much I can't bring myself to say his name, is an arrogant asshole for many reasons.  The score against IU is not one of them.  The 2 pt conversion against MN earlier this year is a bigger deal than the IU score.  Who still uses their chart in the 4th quarter up 3 or 4 scores against a team that hasn't moved the ball all day?  He can shove that chart up his smug little ass is what he can do.  I hope Michigan can put up a bunch this week and send him home dazed and confused. 


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I've read the entire article and NOWHERE does it mention sex at at all, let alone safe sex.

If Wisconsin players (or fans i guess) want to use safe, cheap contraception, how is that unsportsmanlike?

Captain Obvious

November 18th, 2010 at 10:32 AM ^

I realize some of you saw the word "compassion," took the bait, and hopped on your THIS IS BIG TEN FOOTBALL soapbox, but you missed the point.  He did run up the score in a classless manner.

No one suggests that the offense should take a knee.  No one suggests that they should not try their hardest.  These are ridiculous strawman arguments.

Sportsmanship is putting in the backups when the game is well in hand - he did this, possibly later than most people would, but at least he did.  Sportsmanship is going for it on 4th down when in FG range and up 50 points and not calling a gadget play - UW kicked the FG.  Sportsmanship is mostly about playcalling, though.  You simply don't pass the ball unless it's a long handoff or 3rd down or something.  You run the ball and wear down the clock.  UW continued throwing bombs and scored 24 in the 4th quarter.

Do you think a single person would have complained if UW continued to execute the basic rock offense they always run and won 100-14 with the backups in?  No.  UW went play action bomb with the express intention of running up the score.  They went misdirection with the naked bootleg keeper to go over 80.  That's classless and poor sportsmanship.

UM never gets accused of running up the scores on Delaware State, BGSU and the like.  We put in the backups and ran for like 400 yards.  It's on them to stop our basic ground game with the backups in.  If our backups are better than theirs, too bad.