New weight room construction

Submitted by Maizen on May 1st, 2017 at 4:23 PM

The University's architecture, engineering, and construction website says the start date on construction is Spring 2017. It's already May, and I have yet to see any renderings of the project. Anyone have any details? I believe umbig11 mentioned awhile back this was part one of a two part renovation and they were still in the process of raising another $14 million dollars for additional renovations to Schembechler Hall and the hydrotherapy and training areas.


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Acting this way generally brings down the desirability of the board, so it's not just "simply" that I don't like those things.

Feel free to act like a 12-year-old when you're 40, but if you find yourself with no friends, it's not because everyone else is a douchecanoe.


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Now, let's be fair. There are about a dozen or so people with mod powers. 

I took the first one, but as the interface is not designed to allow any of us to win this argument at the end of the day - just ask Voltron, Spock, etc... or indeed anyone with "Ghost Of" in their account name  - I guess we'll have to see where and how far this goes, eh?


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The biggest fan in M history needs recognition.  and I am my own biggest fan.  It's been a slow news day, and I can't even graciously provide you all with softball or diving or ultimate frisbee updates, so I wanted to generously provide you all with the results of my photo shoot.

I look-can you say-FANtastic!


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So I am to think this OP is original or cool? On the face of it, it is a guy pretending to be someone who he clearly thinks is inferior. WD is, to put it nicely, a little obsessed but harmless. the OP is the loser trying to be him.
As a fan, I want UM to have people who are as dedicated as WD as part of this fan base. I can do without The people who probably hit their high point in high school and get off by belittling people who are different.


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We're just being courteous. Rutgers opened their new weight room 3 or 4 days ago. We'll give them a week to enjoy it before revealing ours. It's highly amusing to make fun of them, but we don't want to completely crush their spirits.

I thought I heard it was starting in June as well. I'll see if I can find where I saw that.