New Scout 300 Released

Submitted by Steve Lorenz on January 9th, 2013 at 10:29 AM

EDIT : 16 (17 four-stars overall) Michigan commitments are in; the ones who aren't: Mike McCray (four-star), Ross Douglas, Channing Stribling, Jaron Dukes, Csont'e York, Da'Mario Jones and Scott Sypniewski. 

Hurst, Poggi, Lewis, Dawson, Fox, Charlton and Kugler are among those who moved up. 

Michigan has 3 of the top 7 offensive guards in the country according to their rankings as well. 

Derrick Green moved up to #1 RB and #6 overall. He is now the top rated running back according to Scout and Rivals. 

Shane Morris and Dymonte Thomas keep their five-star rankings. 



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This is unacceptable and I won't stand for it. When will Hoke and Co. start recruiting on an international level so we can compete with the SEC?



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Was McCray injured during the season because the buzz I've been hearing about him is that he is an absolute stud. I live near Dayton where he plays and people I've spoken to said he was just scary good.


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Not that it is really important to me, but McCray is still a 4* recruit. The last OLB in the top 300 is ranked #261 overall and #22 within OLBs and McCray is #24 within the OLBs so he isn't that far out of it. So, I think the drop is mostly due to his injury.

Also, the last 4* receiver (coincidentally Sebastian LaRue who there was some buzz about visiting) is ranked #43 among receivers and Jaron Dukes is #45 so he is almost a 4*.

Khalid Hill is also not too far from 4* territory, as the last 4* is ranked #14 among TEs and Hill is #18.


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Man, Scout really likes our class.  I count 6 in the top 100 and three 5 starts.  Bump that up to 7 in the top 100 and 4 5 stars if Green commits.  Also, it seems Scout finally did away with the whole top-50 all get 5 stars.  Now it's only like 40; still a lot, but nice to see.


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Since I'm an insider on ESPN, but don't have pay content for any of the others I hear their rankings more than others (sorry I know people don't like ESPN...I'm a slow learner).  It's nice to see we could have three 5-stars (if we land Green).  That sounds drastically better than well...none.

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I also like Scout because Sam Webb seems pretty plugged in to Michigan (Brian seems to confirm that) and I think Allen Trieu does a really good job in the midwest. 

Probably the best midwest guy, in my opinion, and is like his story. Started doing independent recruiting on his own website before recruiting was much of a thing. He is also a stand-up comedian, yes it is a thing.

The Beav can be an ass but it's not hard to ignore. Funny that I got rid of Scout when they revamped the website and then they undid the revamp.


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If we get Derrick Green, he is certainly one of the most highly touted (consensus) players we have gotten, which is especially exciting given he is at a position of need and one where true freshman can often step in and have an immediate impact.


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Tremendous, is Rueben Foster a real prospect for Michigan? Obviously, with the all-star games, he had someone in his ear about going to the Wolverines. I would have to assume that Michigan would make room for him. But I don't know whether there is legitimate interest both ways. Thanks!


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Isn't really mentioned much as we all fell in love with Ty Isaac's tape and then Derrick Green's lofty ranking, but I'm excited to see this kid suit up.  I didn't realize he was one of the top four-stars.

I'm no recruiting guru, but his film is truly impressive and not in the "he's twice as fast as everyone in high school so get to the second level and he gone" sense that doesn't really prove much. 

Still hoping Green joins the class too, obviously.


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deveon is criminally underrated on this board.

everyone falls in love with the new recruit, but he's been sitting there as a top 10 rb nationally forever now, and everyone is overlooking him.

obviously, his biggest issue is competition, as he played a lot of lower division schools, but in the games i saw he does not go down. his cuts aren't jaw-dropping but he seems to always cut at the right moment and then drag tacklers another 3 yards.

i'm curious if he has enough speed for the b1g, but if he pans out he'll remind people of mike hart: no breakaway speed but always gets 7 yards when he was only supposed to get 4.


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I think you guys are definitely right about Smith being overlooked, but part of the excitement is that if we can land Derrick Green we will have an excellent RB class just when we need one. The top RB, another top 10-15 (based on the site) RB, and a utility big back in Shallman. With Fitz entering his senior year and off a bad injury and no real apparent heir to RB, having Green, Smith, and Shallman gives us a good chance that we land a good RB who can start as a sophomore and be an impact guy. Nonetheless, Smith is definitely someone to be excited about.


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Not sure if all team rankings reflect new individual rankings, but UM is on top.

Team rankings are important in the short term (lure other recruits, pride within the class, momentum with HS coaches, media). They also indicate if staffs are winning the top targets, the real playmakers and freaks who can decide big games.

In the long run, they don't matter as the recruiting is only judged by wins and losses.

Congrats to Hoke & company for restoring UM's image with recruits.


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THE RRod offense with Denard and their ability to score in a hurry was fun to watch.  However, I am SUPER excited about the prospect of Green/Smith tandem 1-2 punch + amazing O-line = wearin out their defense and demoralizing them. It will be pure joy.