New Scout 2014 Top 75 (B-Ball)

Submitted by goblueritzy92 on May 23rd, 2012 at 1:40 PM

Scout released their Top 75 for 2014 and a few Michigan targets make the list.


9. Cliff Alexander

29. Devin Booker

40. Keita Bates-Diop

65. Drake Harris

68. Trevon Bluiett


Couple things: Drake Harris is now making Top whatever lists in both football and basketball. Can't remember the last guy to do this...Pryor? Devin Booker is our unanimously top rated recruit that we have a great shot at. Him and Bates-Diop are guys we have good shots at on this list.



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Off this list I think we have the best shot at and most want to take Booker, KBD, and Bluiett. I think Bates-Diop could develop into a five-star talent and it will be interesting to see how Bluiett does next year without Yogi Ferrell on his Park Tudor squad, but he looks very good on video. I doubt we will see any big men offered right away on June 15 even though it will be a need in the class; I think we will wait to see who develops well.


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I wish I could tell you the answer, or at least give you some perspective, but I really don't know. I would guess that Yogi being at IU could give them a slight edge, but the vast majority of star high school teammates do not end up playing together in college. Secondly, Tom Crean throws out offers like candy to little kids, so I really don't even know if Bluiett will get a committable offer from IU. I'm pretty sure about 50% of high school and eighth grade basketball players in this country have been "offered" by Crean.

turd ferguson

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Do we know which way Harris is leaning with respect to football, basketball, or both?

Even though the early services have him at #65 in basketball (Scout) and #83 is football (247), those rankings suggest to me that he's actually a more elite football recruit than basketball recruit.  Basketball recruiting classes - and the number of guys who play professional basketball - are very small relative to football.  Very top basketball programs often won't take a lot of guys in the 50-100 range, but any top football program would.


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Re: Harris. I don't know which way he's leaning but if he were to come to Michigan I would rather see him be a football player first. His potential there is really high. A 6'4" WR with that kind of leaping ability is very rare.

Flying Dutchman

May 23rd, 2012 at 8:43 PM ^

Drake Harris is a good solid kid.   He could play a little harder (or its possible these games come so easily to him that it just looks like he's not playing that hard).  He's a good prospect in either sport, and certainly has the potential to be the right kind of young man to wear Maize and Blue.  I know more about hoops, so I think he is stronger there.  He very well could be ridiculous at football, I just don't have the trained eye to assess his level.

His dad, however, is looney tunes, and could be a problem for any school recruiting him.  He stands at Drake's hoops games and yells stuff like "that's what Izzo say...." and other over the top, out of place things.  

His high school basketball coach is about to be let go, and the guy is a very accomplished coach.  The AD at the school is bending to the will of his looney tunes dad.  The AD sucks, too.   


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Allen Trieu and Scout's Basketball analysis both agree Drake Harris has more upside on the gridiron. The kicker here is that Harris seems to be leaning towards wanting to play basketball in college. Both Michigan and Michigan State have offerred him for both sports, and while many reports have him leaning state, he maintains he has no leaders.


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You are right, Harris does not have an offer from Michigan to play basketball hear. Sounds like Hoke and co. have offered for football, but Beilein is adamant about sticking to the June 15 date of a kid's junior year before offering. As has been pointed out by a couple others above, I also think Harris would be better suited playing football in college. He has some good basketball skill, but I think his is a case of being way over-hyped coming into high school simply because he was faster, taller, and more athletic than everyone else at a young age. I think the older he gets the more his peers will catch up to him on the basketball court. At 6'4 with good speed, Harris is not an unusual guard/wing prospect for college basketball programs, but most football coaches would crave an incoming wide receiver with those measurables. I've seen Harris a few times play basketball and have not been impressed, and while I haven't seen him play football at all, I have heard very good things.


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I have seen Drake play football many times and his initial acceleration is probably the quickest I've seen in years at the position for a HS player.    He is great at seperating himself from the defenders.


And as said before, Beilein will offer a scholarship this June.  Sounds like quite a bit of top-notch programs are after him in each sport.  I am hopeful because Beilein seems to have developed a good relationship with him, but I also realize that Drake seems to really like MSU as well.

Mr. Rager

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Devin Booker would be a phenomenal fit in Beilein's offense.  Hopefully he listens to his mother and chooses us when the time is right!  His dad was also one of the best players to ever suit up for the black and gold at Mizzou, too...