New offers to 2013 and 2014 recruits

Submitted by Magnus on February 20th, 2012 at 3:13 PM

Michigan has offered several new kids like cornerback Devin Butler, linebacker Alex Anzalone, quarterback Shane Cockerille (all from 2013), and then 2014 cornerback Jalen Tabor and offensive tackle Damian Prince.  It's interesting that Michigan is pursuing another kid who can play QB in the class of 2013.

EDIT: Michigan has also offered 2013 WR Darrell Daniels.

Here are my 2013 Offer Board and 2014 Offer Board so you can see how things are shaping up.


EZ Bud

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Who in the hell downvoted this thread? The nerve...


Edit: Thanks for the update, Magnus. The QB offer is interesting to say the least, but you should always have 3 QBs on the depth chart. Shit happens.


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they would have signed a QB for 2012, I think it is going to be hard to convince a kid that he has a legitimate chance of playing when you have Gardner, Bellomy, and Morris in front of him, especially when Shane is a 2013 commit. Although, who the hell am I to question this staff...they know what they are doing.


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when you say its interesting about recruiting another QB, can you elaborate what your thoughts are on it? as in why they did? i would imagine if they offer 1, theyll offer more too. do u think its only depth related? so they can RS and have 4 scholarship qb's on the roster at all times?

EDIT; after lookign over board, they have 4 QBs offered, including Morris. i sitll find it interesting though


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Probably because they didn't get a QB in last years class.  If Gardner doesn't get a RS, thent he only QBs on scholarship in 2014 would be Sophomore Morris, RS Jr Bellomy, and a true freshman from the 2014 class.  And if Morris passes Bellomy and gets the starter spot in 2014 who's to say that Bellomy wouldn't transfer to get playing time, eaving only 2 QBs.  You take a QB every year so you don't end up in that type of situation.


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Well, they offered Morris and got him.  This is the first QB they've pursued in the class since Morris committed.  Personally, I thought Michigan should have taken a QB in the 2012 class, and they should take two in 2013 since they didn't.  Quarterback is the most important position on the field and it's odd that the coaches are satisfied going three-deep at QB but are about four-deep at each of the linebacker spots.

Morris tweeted at one point that the coaches told him they wouldn't pursue any other quarterbacks.  He has since stated that he would be open to competition if the coaches brought in someone else.


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About only one QB in a class with the Drew Henson experience. Brady was there for that, right? Guy leaves early or gets hurt and you have no choice but to start a kid that should be learning, not starting. For those of you with longer memories, I give you B.J. Dickey as an example from the Bo days. Of course, Bo knew Rick Leach was graduating.....


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Does Malik McDowell have an offer yet?  What do you know about the kid?  I've heard he's a blue-chipper, but does he have any ties to Michigan other than being from Detroit? 


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No, he doesn't have an offer.  He was supposed to visit Ann Arbor last week but got sick.  My guess is that he will be offered whenever he visits the coaching staff.  I don't know a ton about the kid, but Michigan hasn't recruited Loyola High School very much.


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The QB offer is the most interesting one.   Given that we didn't get a QB in the last cycle, it's not suprising that we would offer another one.   Cockerille is definitely the lowest rated of the ones that we've already offered.   Other than the fact that he's Poggi's teammate, do we know anything else about him?   It just seems a little random.


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Magnus you are always one of my favorite people on here to follow. Just curious did you see this past weekend coming? And of the 8 new 4 star commits did you not see any of them coming or did all 8 in your mind eventually get here anyway?


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I definitely did not expect as many kids to commit this weekend.  I thought Jourdan Lewis and Taco Charlton were strong possibilities.  I thought David Dawson might commit if he got offered.  That was about it for my expectations.

With Chris Fox coming into town AGAIN all the way from Colorado, I thought there was a very strong chance that he would end up at Michigan eventually.  Shallman was kind of a given.  Tuley-Tillman has visited Michigan six or seven times, so I thought he would end up at Michigan, too.  Jake Butt was a surprise because of the timing, but he had said that Michigan was his leader by far...usually when kids say that, it's just a matter of when.

The kid that really surprised me was Bosch.  I knew he liked Michigan, but this was much earlier than I expected him to commit to anyone.

So seven of the eight seemed Blue all the way, or at least leaning toward Michigan...and I probably would have put Bosch at 33% to pick Michigan eventually.


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but I am not so concerned with RB I think with Fitz still having 2 years, Hopkins still has 3 plus I think Drake is gonna surprise everyone who doubted him and be an every down back at some point in his career. I truly believe Hoke sees something in these lower tier recruits and untill he proves he cant spot talent I am all for bringing guys like Drake, Dennis, and Clarke into the fold.


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When you're talking about the 2013 class, Toussaint and Hopkins only have one more season (2013).  Anybody Michigan gets in the next class will only have to sit behind those guys for one year (assuming Toussaint doesn't leave early and Hopkins doesn't get injured and take a redshirt).  Michigan's running backs in 2014 are Rawls, Hayes, Johnson, Shallman, and Norfleet.  I don't see a big-time back in that group, although a couple could be serviceable starters.


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I am thinking these kids are already here not counting the year Fitz and Hopkins lose this year. Now what about Dymonte Thomas as a running back he lives 10 minutes from where I live and went to high school. He is one of the best RB in Ohio the last 2 seasons is there any shot he gets a chance to play running back at Michigan? He is also one of the top wrestlers in the state of Ohio this kid is just special, balance, speed, strength, power I would think he could play Big Ten football at running back without a hitch.