New Offer - Buckle up?

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Looks like we really want an H-Back type in this class.  With Tremble departed for the Dome we have offered a 'Who Dat' instate kid named Ben VanSumeren. He is an Iowa commit but with offers from most of the Ivy League. His film is impressive but the competition is suspect. Nonetheless he looks tough, pretty fast and he's obviously intelligent. 

Iowa recruited him as a linebacker, but he looks like a good H-Back or even Fullback... even played option quarterback part of this season. He is visiting this weekend and ... Iowa has a No Visit policy... hence the Buckle Up possibility.

Senior Highlights:






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The tale of the tape (6' 3" and 228lbs) along with these stats jump out:

"He ran 4.56 laser-timed in the 40-yard dash over the summer at a Nike Football The Opening Regional with perhaps an even more impressive 4.03 shuttle and 40-inch vertical."

He would be a nightmare matchup for any linebacker to cover him.


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Sorry about thread jacking but between Tremble going to ND and Michigan not getting as many Ole Miss guys as expected, is there any chance Michigan decides to pursue Jacob Mathis as a transfer now? He was one of the additional four players who supposedly had interest in Michigan that was not reciprocated. However, adding Mathis would give us a TE in a class where we didn't take one, plus he went to the same high school (Berkeley Prep) as Petit-Frere, so adding Mathis couldn't hurt.


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Magnus who do you think we get in this class if any. Friday,Frere,Oweh, Chase, Reese, Patterson. Osu is killing it once again. Very nervous with recruiting. Two instate top fifty o-lineman next year and brown commiting to Wisconsin. I don't get it. You can't lose guys instate that are tops in the country. I am very disappointed in losing Brown and Dobbs. That is flat out a complete failure on Harbaugh. I'm sorry but those guys should be top prority. Not like were pumping out all americans on our o-line and you have two top twenty guys in your back yard and you can't get them. That is a complete fuckin fuck up in recruiting and that's being nice. Brown, Dobb's and barnett should have been top priority from the jump. I don't get it. Is there a coach at Bellevile derailing this or something. Of course that does'nt explain Brown. I really don't get it. If Harbaugh does not recruit better on o and d line we are dead in the water. Osu just picked up toglia or whatever from Idaho. He is a flat out stud. Michigan has one of the best d-line coaches in the country and kids want to play for fat ass johnson at osu. Poggi did not do shit for Michigan with the kid headed for Alabama which is a long way from Maryland. I am usually pretty optimistic with Harbaugh's recruiting but with the o and d line they are a day late and a dollar short. Oweh and the poggi kid Anoma are guys Michigan has to get. If Harbaugh says he is taking the gloves off then he needs to start with the recruiting. They allready fucked up by not letting anderson in. He would have walked into osu along with juco's that help them win.

Michigan has zero dt's in this recruiting class. If that doesn't have everyone concerned I don't know what to say. DT and OT should be number one in every recruiting cycle and where is Michigan. They have two developmental in state lower ranked kids at OT. That just flat out won't cut it if your goal is winning any type of championship.



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I shouldn't have read that, but I did. There's enough UNACCEPTABLE!!! in that post to cover multiple posts in a thread.

Here's the tl;dr:

"You can't lose guys instate that are tops in the country."
"That is flat out a complete failure on Harbaugh."
"That is a complete fuckin fuck up in recruiting and that's being nice."
"If Harbaugh does not recruit better on o and d line we are dead in the water."
"Poggi did not do shit for Michigan with the kid headed for Alabama which is a long way from Maryland."
"They allready fucked up by not letting anderson in."


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He made some decent points from time-to-time and didn't seem like he was purposely trolling, so I kept trying to give the guy a chance.  But yeah, today's meltdown was something else. Hopefully the trip to Bolivia will do him some good.  At least his stunningly poor English skills won't be an issue down there. 


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No, Michigan did not "fuck up" by not letting Anderson in. It's been true forever that it's very difficult for anybody to transfer into Michigan because U-M has strict guidelines about which credits (not to mention the grades accompanying them) will be accepted. That's a part of being a high-level academic institution. 

Michigan's academic requirements will always put us at a competitive disadvantage relative to OSU, MSU, Alabama, Georgia, OK, and many of our recruiting competitors. If you want Michigan's coaching staff to put pressure on admissions to admit students who don't meet those requirements, you should root for another program because Harbaugh is not going to do that. 

Everyone Murders

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Without picking on a single player (there will be those who academically qualify to go to Michigan with full transfer credit who just decide to go to another program - 'Merica), schools like Michigan, Northwestern, Stanford and /throws up a little in own mouth/ Notre Dame have tougher transfer standards.  That's A-OK with me, especially now that we have Harbaugh at the helm. 

At the end of the day, we end up with not only a great team (because Michigan + Harbaugh + Time = Profit), but we end up with a smarter one because Michigan with Harbaugh will always be one of the prettiest girls at the recruiting dance.


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I'd guess otherwise.

4-/5-star versions of Noah Furbush (an aerospace engineering major, which I find mind-boggling) don't grow on trees. Most humans don't have the capacity to play football umpteen hours a week and study something difficult at Michigan.

Echoing Don's post, I think Michigan will always be at a competitive disadvantage relative to a place like Alabama. That's OK with me.


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My son is a recent aerospace engineer grad at Michigan (with a MS in space systems) and he gave up Fencing to maintain his grades.  Can't imagine playing football, with all the additional time requirements and injuries, and passing your tests and research papers. Engineering is difficult, and aerospace one of the more difficult specialties.