New offer: 2020 Detroit King WR RaShawn Williams

Submitted by Magnus on December 16th, 2017 at 3:49 PM

Michigan offered 2020 Detroit (MI) King wide receiver RaShawn Williams. He's a kid who will probably be at least a high 4-star kid, and there's a pretty good chance he'll end up at Michigan. At 6'1" and 185 lbs., he already has offers from Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio State, along with some MAC teams.



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Got to spend some time with his family when he was in AA.  Watching him interact with current players and listening to how they speak about him and vice-versa.  Vert, JKP, Ambry, and DPJ all were excited to see him and treat him like their baby brother.  The best players in Michigan go to Michigan was said a few times as well.  Much like DPJ recruitment I think he might take visits and create a top 5 but he comin'.    Also my guess is he's a top 50 player by his senior year. 


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Need? No. Want? Yes.

Sure beats a lot of the other OT crap that fills the board in the offseason.

Plus, an offer to a likely top-100 kid from Detroit who is likely to actually come here seems worthy of a thread. NOt as worthy as Rutgers' basketball team or what the coach of MSU ate for breakfast while thinking about Harbaugh, obviously, but still important.


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Fuck no, but that didn't keep you from sharing this incredibly important information anyhow:

"some cheap red wine. The wife and I were bored and decided maybe we should check out this Stranger Things show people talk about. 5 episodes later and 3 hours past her bedtime, now I know what we are doing all weekend."

I'd much rather read about something actually pertaining to Michigan football than what some anonymous numbskull drank with his wife last night and what half-baked TV show they watched.


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Then how do you explain OSU routinely offering the best talent in Ohio well before Michigan gets around to it? And this isn't a Harbaugh exclusive. This has been happening for awhile now.

Wolverine 73

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Bred to hate Ohio State? Seems as if back in the 90’s, we were picking off Ohio kids such as Desmond, Woodson and Grbac. Before them, Dierdorf and Cannavino and Lytle, among others. Lately, they seem to be picking off kids like Webb, Weber and that OT whose name I don’t recall (although was he born in Ohio maybe?). Or perhaps this is the residue of Tressel building his “fence” around the state?


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Hope we are able to get him. But, we are behind in the race to OSU for him. OSU offered way before we did and if you go by the Twitter theory, it seems like he really likes them. He's got a picture with Cardale Jones posted, as well as a pic of him wearing OSU gloves, and a couple others involving OSU.There are a couple of guys who seem to be favoring OSU that are top in-state recruits, one being 5-star Justin Rodgers. This offer will change things though and I think that it does. Long time til signing day for 2020 so there is some room to work with. In-State Recruiting is going to need to be a huge focus in the next two classes with the massive amount of talent that is here. Next 2 classes are looking to be as good if not better than 2017's in-state class. So we need to pick it up to land the best talent in Michigan like we have before.



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So in conclusion, Michigan has given up on recruiting Ohio, meanwhile it is full systems go for OSU to recruit Michigan. Forcing Michigan to fight tooth and nail to hold onto every worthwhile recruit. Great.

The Truth Hurts

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The Detroit kids tend to like Ohio State and Michigan State more than Michigan now.  These kids was born in 1999, 2000,2001.  Michigan started their downward spiral when they started playing football in 2008. So there you have it.