New name in the ND coaching search - BUTCH DAVIS

Submitted by k06em01 on November 30th, 2009 at 10:31 AM

man oh man, i can't believe that we all forgot about him. he would be an awesome hire for the irish. he had basically recruited himself an nfl team in his hey day at miami. he's since turned north carolina intho the class of that conference (edit - not the best team, yet. probably the second best team with the best recruiting, though). him at another super recruiting power like nd is sort of scary.

...this is according to an article on espn insider.



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Oh, so many names floating around. Maybe the board needs an "Official ND Coaching Search/ Rumor Mill" thread to keep things in order.

All-in-all I think the Irish believe that nobody is off limits and that's what's leading to the blow-up in names.


November 30th, 2009 at 10:40 AM ^

If Butch Davis is indeed a serious candidate such that ND would actually hire him, we can all rest easy. Does "class of that conference" mean "losing to two of the conference's three worst teams"?

In any case, though, I don't take this seriously.


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Butch Davis has proven that he can win big at a football school. At UNC, football will always be second to basketball. I think he would be a great hire for ND. I don't know if I want them to hire him, though. I want ND to be good, but not quite that good.


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I'd feel very relieved if ND hired Butch Davis. He has the potential to build a great program there, but he hasn't been able to get UNC over the hump just yet, they're still losing too many games they should win. I think ND would be guaranteed to get 9-10 wins a year with him, but I'm not sure that they would be in the NC hunt every year.


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I think ND hasn't been "great" since they had Lou Holtz. Therefore, I recommend that since ND doesn't consider anyone being off-limits, that they re-hire Lou and get that senile old goat off of ESPN. He spews Michigan hatred every chance he gets.

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I was just wondering about this- why hasn't anyone brought up Butch Davis? The guy took Miami from sanctions and a downturn back to national prominence, and he's done a pretty decent job at North Carolina. Call me crazy, but I'd be more scared of him at ND than Brian Kelly. Kelly has done a lot at GVSU and CMU and is doing quite well at Cinci- don't get me wrong. Butch Davis, though, took a dormant power and made them a national champion with a 33 game winning streak (which OSU ended with Coker as the Miami coach). Regardless, I'd wondered why people weren't mentioning him, and I think he's scary. Hopefully ND higher-ups have some problem with him having coached at Miami (cough, cough, Catholics vs. convicts and all that) and don't seriously consider him.


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is a guy who coached successfully in the PAC-10 and the Big Ten, produced a ton of NFL talent, and knows what big time college football is all about.

John Cooper.


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Whoever it is, I think they're going to be a fairly high profile coach. Butch Davis is an excellent coach and would be a good hire. I think his name briefly came up in the M coaching search but he didn't want to leave UNC. Not sure that his feelings would have changed at this point.