New Michigan Quarterback - Ramsey Romano

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Michigan baseball infielder Ramsey Romano is now on Michigan's spring football roster as a quarterback ... that's 8 QBs in camp

— Nick Baumgardner (@nickbaumgardner) March 11, 2015



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The kid has to wrench that body hard to get any kind of mustard on those throws. Definitely not an elite arm.

But man that is one fun highlight tape. Kid has moxie. Extends plays, moves his feet well to buy an extra half-second in the pocket. Reads the field pretty well too.

We are told that Harbaugh likes a "football player" and will find a way to get him on the field. Romano might be a longshot but he is most definitely a football player.

I Heart Huckleby

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Ha! Uncle Rico (Jon Gries) is awesome. I had a chance to meet and work with him for a few days this year. Within minutes of meeting he's showing me video on his phone of him taking BP and shagging flies with the Brewers at spring training, and telling stories of playing harmonica on stage alongside Bob Dylan and Wilco. Harbaugh would be a fan. Coolest, friendliest guy ever.


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He was a TE/WR. But a damn good one that I would definitely take. I don't think he necessarily has to recruit ONLY QB's on this pseudo-recruiting trip.

Plus, he is an MLB All-Star pitcher with a fastball between 92 and 97 MPH. I'd be willing to wager he at least has a halfway decent QB arm.


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Love it. If anyone thinks stockpiling QBs is a problem, whether it be for the morale of the current QBs or something, look at what OSU did last year. 

Sac Fly

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Romano started last year until he got hurt, drafted out of high school too. He hasn't played this year.

He was a pretty good football player in high school.


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Per his MGoBlue bio, he was a decent QB in high school:

Also played football at Valhalla ... Was an all-state selection at quarterback after throwing for 3,415 yards and 30 touchdowns his senior season ... Selected to the All-American International Bowl for Team USA in San Antonio, Texas ... (

And per a quote embedded in an mgoblog baseball recruiting recap: 

Valhalla High QB Ramsey Romano played in an all-star football game last weekend in San Antonio and after the game tweeted, “Probably the last time I ever dress for a football game :( feels like a part of my life just ended.”

Romano threw for 3,415 yards and 30 TDs last season, but in part because he only started one year, has not drawn scholarship offers from Division I schools. He has accepted a baseball scholarship from Michigan.


Away Goal

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I don't think the Grossmont districts are known for great competition but off the top of my head I can think of some notables that went on to college/NFL: 

Alex Smith

Reggie Bush

Ryan Lindley (SDSU)

Mike Wiley (OSU)


The first highlight was against Oceanside which is a consistenly good program and Junior Seau's old school.


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This is awesome.  Reminds me of the glory days of 120 man stockpiled rosters back in the day.  Michigan would get up on some poor, helpless team by 40 or so by half and then it was fun to see just how deep into the depth chart Bo could go.  

"Hey look guys - that's our sixth string RB playing the 4th quarter."  And you know what?  He'd be good.

Hill Street Blue

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Scholarship limits were also an attempt to force the talent to be spread around the college football landscape to promote moar parity.  With the advent of the P5, their financial strength, and their ability to write their own rules, the smaller, less well-funded schools are in the process of being culled from the big-time.  Wouldn't be shocked if the P5 voted themselves back into a higher scholarship situation; especially since they have the funding to continue to build women's programs to offset the larger football roster.

The Mad Hatter

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stomped the crap out of just about everyone they played in those days.  You're telling me you don't miss the years when Michigan losing to anyone was shocking?

Every player on those teams had the right to earn playing time, just like now.  And they weren't forced to go to Michigan.

85 scholarships is not enough.


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Are you one of those people who also feels bad that someone has to lose and that we shouldn't even keep score anymore?

People ride the bench, it happens, and it's not like they don't get opportunity to prove day in and out that they're worthy of playing time either.  Besides, I'd be very surprised if there's very many of those guys who at all regret their decision to play for Michigan.  A positive, life-changing experience can be judged by more than how many times you saw the field.