New Jersey DE Aeneas DiCosmo: Prospect we should all want at UM

Submitted by JimmyFresh on April 23rd, 2018 at 6:53 PM

I was just looking at the profiles of some of the football recruits we are most heavily in on in the '19 class.  New Jersey 6-3 220lb DE Aeneas DiCosma (he's got a cool name too) is one that I came away very impressed by.  His film looks great (much better than his mid-3 star ranking) and he's got an offer sheet that is extremely impressive from both an athletic and academic perspective.  He has offers from prestigious institutions such as West Point, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, Northwestern, Princeton, Vanderbilt, Virginia, and Yale....Plus offers from academic/football powers Notre Dame, Stanford, and Wisconsin.  He also sports offers from powers Clemson and Nebraska.  In all, he's got 29 offers.  DiCosmo seems like a prospect we should all really hope to get as he's an extremely impressive young man.  The ratings be damned....this kid can flat out play and he's a scholar.  Yes please.  And the vast majority of ballz have him going to the good guys.  

Here's his 247 profile:




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Not saying I agree or disagree in this particular instance, but UM fans think every 3 star is under ranked and has great film. That he plays at a heavily scouted high school in New Jersey means he's probably ranked appropriately. It's awesome that he values academics and is purportedly a good student, and I agree UM should be targeting those kids, but at some point you can't keep taking kids ranked in the 700's if you want to compete with the Alabama's and Ohio State's of the world.


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I don't know that it is that simple for Maizen. 

I think he understands stars, but demands absolute perfection in every single aspect from the coaches, players and even the administrative staff in the athletic department. Anything less is an inexcusable failure. 

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And they were both losses. The basic point is that you can get close to beating the top teams in CFB with lower tier recruits/players but if you want to actually beat them you’re going to need to pull some higher rated recruits. Because while there are plenty of 3* players that turn into stars, a higher percentage of 4* and 5* players turn into stars.


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I will never pass by an opportunity to say osu '16 is NOT a L in my mind and never will be.

Whereas msu '15 we did everything but win the game due to punt-zaster, it was a self-inflicted wound.

osu '16 was an all-time, epic screw job by refs who'd been ruled inelgible to work osu games due to obvious bias - yet there they were! Not just talking about JT's spot, moreso the 2 penalties for 6 total yds in a 2 OT game called on osu. JH got three times as many yds for tossing a clipboard!

And of course I realize there was self-inflicted damage in that game as well. 


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Ohio State was a loss in 2016. We did not win. Sure the refs weren't too kind to us, but the offensive line got dominated all game. Michigan literally could not run the ball late in the 4th. Cool, the refs sucked. We lost. I'll never understand when fans claim we didn't actually lose a certain game. No we did, there are no moral victories.


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"Weren't too kind"?! LMFAO!
There are no moral victories, but that was an immoral defeat!
You may list any stat you like about M ineffectiveness in that gm, they still led damn near wire-to-wire. That's WITH 2 killer Int by Speight.
15 yds for JH clipboard toss vs 6 TOTAL yds in penalties for osu, in a 2 OT game! Not too kind, indeed!
Look, I've been a Yuge conspiracy guy ever since JFK, but the B1G refusal to ever address how refs who'd been barred from working osu games due to blatant bias were on that field is CRAZY.
If you ever STOP being furious about it you settle too easily! Course, I'm STILL furious about the vote in '73,so...


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Of all positions I would be concerned about getting the high 4*-5* guys, DE is not one of them. Besides, with the kind of offers he has including Clemson (another "Defensive Line U."), I would not be surprised if this kid rises up the rankings quite a bit. Even if he doesn't, this is the kind of kid we've seen Greg Mattison and now Don Brown turn into a Day 1 or 2 NFL draft picks - they know how to scout the defensive line.

This class hasn't even finished their JUNIOR year of school and we are already complaining about a kid being offered by some of the biggest power 5 schools in the country as well as the most elite academic schools in the country while at a position that Michigan can't ever seem to get wrong.

Count me in the "hope he comes here" category. Michigan isn't done adding high talent this class. Stop worrying star gazers. Summer camps haven't even started yet.

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Please for the love of God, stop fricking putting Ohio State in the same category as Alabama. They're not okay? Enough said. Shut your stupid face. Michigan just needs their key players to stop being candy asses in big games and quit fucking choking. Ohio State has 5 stars on their roster up the wazoo and who just about ran away with the game the last two years? Michigan did. Don't believe that? Then go punch yourself in the nuts cuz you're a fucking dipshit that don't know jack. Don't want to make excuses huh? I'm sick of you yellow belly candy cane nutjobs on here with Michigan degrees who think you know shit about anything. The refs let Ohio State back in the game the last two years and the Wolverines shot themselves in the foot. MICHIGAN HAD THE BETTER TEAM. They folded under the pressure and bullshit.


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I’m not sure that what holds M back is the poor play of 2 star slackers like Mo Hurst on the D line. M has the best D line coaches you can find, in terms of evaluation and development. There might be a time for high star players, such as QB, but I think you may need to step back on the stargazing.


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What 2 star slackers are you talking about? Mo Hurst was a 4 star recruit, as was Chase Winovich, Bryan Mone, Chris Wormley, and Taco Charlton. Rashan Gary and Aubrey Solomon were 5 stars. There's always going to be a guy like Willie Henry or Frank Clark who plays way above his recruiting ranking in every class, and Mike Dwumfour appears poised to be that guy from the 2016 class, but by and large the strength of UM's great DL's have been because they've landed 4 and 5 star recruits. 


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I agree, Michigan needs to get all the best talent they can. However, Harbaugh is trying to re-build a program the right way. He’s after guys that can play on the field and “play school” in the classroom. Harbaugh did It at Stanford when they knocked USC off their pedestal. I have faith he’ll get it done at UM and it will be very sweet.


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Gotta grab the 74th ranked DE because the 5th ranked one is gonna decommit and go to Stanford
I like this kid but UM does need top 5 kids too


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Kid has Clemson and Notre Dame offers....and a ton of other power five offers. Seems some other top programs have taken notice of him. Not advocating for taking nothing but 3 stars, but this is one of those three stars that I’d be happy to have.


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Aeneas DiCosmo has an impressive resume and good bloodlines, but he also has strong conections to Boston College (Don Brown's old school), and for many years, there has been a New Jersey-to-Boston College pipeline for many of the top Catholic prep school stars. LINK 1
His interest in Boston College may come from the fact that his father, Anthony DiCosmo, played for and starred at Boston College and his recruiter at Boston College, their Defensive Cordinator Anthony Campanile, is the brother of Vito Campanile, head coach at Bergen Catholic (DiCosmo’s high school). LINK 2
As the second linked article mentions, his father was “a Parade All-American wide receiver, state champion triple jumper and three-sport standout in his own high school days at Paramus Catholic, an athlete who is remembered as one of Bergen County’s all-time greats.”


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Also, I just noticed that Chris Partridge is the lead recruiter on this one.....It’s pretty much a done deal for him to Michigan Dude is an absolute monster on the recruiting trail. I for one am very thankful he stayed in Ann Arbor.

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Maybe this guy is great. But it is time we start recruiting well again. This year is probably the most important since Brady Hoke's third season. Last time it didn't go so well. I think this wil be different.


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with recruiting this year? Wasn't 2019 supposed to be a massive year for recruiting? Is a lot of this a windfall of the Drevno-Frey shitshow on the recruiting trail from last year? I feel like a bunch of the guys we were in it with committed to our rivals. Litchfield Ajavon is going to Notre Dame, Steele Chambers is going to Ohio State, Jacob Lacey is also going to Notre Dame, Harry Miller is probably going to Ohio State, Isaiah Williams committed to Illinois, Logan Brown is going to Wisconsin, Lewis Cine is trending away. Last year made sense. Smaller class, transition year, no immediate playing time to be had. 

I'm not trying to make it seem like the sky is falling. Michigan has a very good class already, and will probably make a surprise move with a couple top guys if they perform well. But if Michigan wants to compete at the highest level, it has to recruit better. 

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Holy shit calm down Michigan has a top-5 class thus far and are in on a bunch of quality players. You can't get 'em all. And don't forget Michigan is playing on an un-level playing field. Sure, Alabama and OSU and Clemson, etc. are putting better teams on the field I'll concede. But Michigan also has scruples, no bagmen, and is actually looking for STUDENT/athletes. Which will make it that much sweeter when we finally kick all their asses.


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is fucking stupid. Who cares if we pay an 18 year old to play football? And Michigan's class is 8th and will probably finish around 10-12. Like I said, it's a fine class, but it's not elite. And your last comment about STUDENT/athletes would make a lot more sense if Michigan wasn't straight losing guys to Alabama and Ohio State. Weird that the dudes with offers from Michigan, Alabama, and Ohio State aren't STUDENT/athletes when they decide to go somewhere else, but the dudes that do decide to come here are.