March 16th, 2011 at 6:54 PM ^

OHL recruiting these days, some of them will likely never be on campus.  Or at least not as student-athletes here. Hence why we have to start so early and get so many.  Take into account as well that there is at least a decent chance that Red won't be coaching anymore when these kids get to Michigan, which might change some minds too.  Obviously if Red/Mel/Billy have a pretty good idea that Mel is going to be our next coach, they can be recruited with that pitch and attrition will probably be minimal.  But if they were recruited with the idea they were going to be coached by Red, and/or if Mel doesn't end up being the next coach if Red does retire by then, some defections might be pretty likely.

Ideally though, we just keep everybody and put it down to this being Michigan as why the coaches keep killing it with the recruiting.