New Detroit soccer team: Detroit City FC

Submitted by go16blue on April 5th, 2012 at 2:04 AM
I know we have a lot of soccer fans here, so I thought a new local team would be of interest. Personally I haven't gotten into US soccer because I've been waiting for a Detroit team to support, so this is pretty big news. It is only minor league (not MLS), but with enough support it could get there. The team has an awesome name & crest, and season tickets are only $30. They will play at Detroit Cass Tech (they're working with them to improve their soccer field for the team), so games will be safe. For only $75 you get season tickets, an awesome jersey, pregame and postgame access, and some other things too.



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I've never understood why MLS and other US teams use the "FC" designation.  It seems silly for the entire world to call the game "football" but since the US refuses to do so and instead calls it "soccer", why are the soccer clubs using the "FC" designation?  Trying to change the tide in the "football" vs. "soccer" rivalry?


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It is silly.  There's nothing wrong with the term "soccer."  Actually, to say the entire world calls it "football" is not really true.  Many English-speaking countries call it "soccer."  If you say "football" to an Australian, Canadian, or Irishman, they'll assume you're talking about their national codes, whereas if you specify "soccer" they'll understand immediately what sport you're referring to. 

In fact, the term was regularly used in Great Britain itself for a long time, until around the late 20th century.  Originally, "football" referred to any kind of sport played on foot, so you needed some other adjective to describe specific sports : rugby football, association (soccer) football, etc.  



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I guess because people pretty much associate the letters "FC" with a soccer team.  They could call it Detroit City SC but a lot fewer people would get that.

Truthfully, if you're gonna be nitpicky about that, you might as well ask why MLS teams use European naming conventions at all, and don't stick with "<city> <nickname>".  Some do, some don't.  I mean, "Real Salt Lake"?


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Eh but soccer is like that around the world for the most part.

Sure all the MLS teams have a "mascot" name like LA Galaxy or Seattle Sounders etc but the rest of the world doesn't, even though some have cool side nicknames like Arsenal is the Gunners or Manchester United is the Red Devils. However if you are talking about the team you still call them just Arsenal or Man U.

Wonder what our nickname would be.....The Spirits (spirit of Detroit logo), the Motors (Motor City duh), The Marooners (our maroon colored uniforms).

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Whether or not Detroiters identify with the French history, it is part of the city's history.  Detroit was under French rule longer than New Orleans was, but unfortunately, a terrible fire destroyed the whole city (or close to it) in 1805, so we have no French Quarter.   Still, if you drive downtown there are lot of streets with French names that pay hommage to the original settlers.


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IMO, Detroit's failure to protect and embrace its colonial heritage has been one of its biggest mistakes.  Imagine if cities like Boston, Philadelphia, Charleston, etc. had done the same.  It's something that could have set the city apart.  The city is over 300 years old and has a rich history. They should milk this angle for whatever they can.


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Yep, as soon as they become available.

I actually don't pay all that much attention to MLS, but I do follow Liverpool pretty closely.  I also root for Ross County in the Scotish First Division (Go Staggies!).



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I sent an e-mail to them on the website asking if it's possible to buy a jersey for those who don't live in town and can't attend the games. (With the season ticket package, looks like you get a replica jersey). I'll post on the board when I hear back, as I'm sure there will be a few others interested


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I commend them for selecting a field in the city, however I remember reading a few years back that when the new Cass Tech high school & football field was constructed, it was not built to regulation size, something like 95 yards, goal line to goal line.

I suppose once you add in the end zones there would be enough length for a minimum soccer pitch, but barely, especially if they don't remove the football goalposts.  Wayne State could have been another decent city-based choice too.




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This is awesome news. Gonna try and go to some games. If I end up moving to Ann Arbor like I hope to in the fall, I might get season tickets since it's a short drive.


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Anyone else think it might be a mistake to play the games at Cass Tech? Seems like having them play somewhere around the Pontiac area - OU maybe? - would have been a much better test case for an MLS team that plans on playing at the Silverdome.


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Loved me the Detroit Rockers indoor soccer.  Drago and Goose ftw! Sad that that's all we ever had was indoor teams, before. I love the MLS fan success in Seattle and Portland. Fetroit have great sports fans. Summer soccer in the D would work just fine.


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I've been waiting so many years. Nothing can earn you hipster status more quickly than telling someone your favorite soccer teams are Norwich City and Dortmund. MLS is probably the long-term goal, but I wouldn't mind a jump to the CLS at some point, if only to have a derby with Windsor.

In other soccer-related news, Ann Arbor native Ahinga Selemani started for the U-17 national team against UAE in France on Tuesday, opening the scoring in the 23rd minute. Michigan got a pretty big recruit this year in Jason Stacy, and they could have another Meram-Saad type combo if they can manage to bring in Selemani. (Saad did great things at Michigan, but never scored in his sixteen U-17 appearences, FWIW.) Selemani attends Pioneer High but is spending this semester in the Bradenton residency program. The U-17 team has another game today against Portugal, 12:15 p.m. ET.

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This is interesting:


Detroit City FC will be holding tryouts for the 2012 season. Players will be evaluated by Detroit City FC's Head Coach and scouted by the rest of the coaching staff.


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The Impact here in Montreal were a minor league team - and very successful - for years. There was (and is) no promotion to the MLS; rather, they had to sell themselves to be accepted to the MLS (& have the right kind of stadium, soccer only).

There was a lot of wrangling and shenanigans - especially since the owner here is, er, 'connected' - but finally they played some sort of North-Central America cup games at the Olympic Stadium and drew 60,000 fans - for a minor league team, the MLS took notice and the negotiations went quick after that.

If DCFC does well, maybe they hold a couple of big-ticket games in the Silverdome and get into the MLS with big fan support there. Didn't they play WC games there with giant hexagonal pieces of real grass as the field in 94?


April 5th, 2012 at 3:06 PM ^

Seanson tickets for 30$?  I know it's only 8 home games but hot damn, that's a good deal.  and 75$ for a season ticket and a replica jersey?  I live 2000 miles away and I may just do it to show some support.


April 5th, 2012 at 5:12 PM ^

Guys its not like DC FC is the only game in town. What about my Michigan Bucks?

A proven winning operation that most years features a couple of UM players. Anyone remember Mike Holody? Kevin Taylor? Season tix are just $35 and they play in Pontiac.


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