New Crisler Center Exterior Renovation Photos

Submitted by StephenRKass on August 24th, 2012 at 4:25 PM

As we get close to the season, I've been wondering how the Crisler Center Renovations were going, since the exterior obviously largely needs to be finished before home games begin. I contacted Michigan Stadium Aerials yesterday to see when there would be an update. (a great website, btw, for photos of the Stadium renovation and aerial views of the athletic campus.)

Ask and you shall receive:  they got back to me, and there are photos of the renovation now posted.


Looks very nice, and I'm sure that they'll be hard at work inside over the next couple months to get everything ready to open in November. Would love to hear from any of you actually working on the renovations or part of the basketball facility staff as to how things are going inside.


Naked Bootlegger

August 24th, 2012 at 4:31 PM ^

This is a major visual upgrade.  Also a much-needed infrastructure upgrade.   I had to double-take on the 3rd looks like a computer rendition instead of an actual picture.   Dare I say Crisler looks beautiful?   I never thought I would use "beautiful" and "Crisler" in the same sentence.   One exception:  "Fritz Crisler was beautiful".


Wolverine Devotee

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This program has gone so far in ten years. A little over ten years ago, most of the arena was green and white when state came to town and the "Michigan fans" in the student section wore paper bags over their heads.

Now? A B1G Championship last year, top recruits coming in and a first class arena.

I found this sad article in the Daily archives just to put in perspective on how far Michigan Basketball has come-


The green and white rim swarming in the upper deck of Crisler erupts with noise. Below, in a small L-shaped pattern, 500 or so yellow-clad Maize Ragers can just watch in a confused daze. All their hard work to get ready for the game, to cheer for the team they love, is wasted.

For three straight seasons, Michigan State fans have taken over Michigan"s arena an embarrassment, a mockery, but now, not an aberration.

It"s not the Maize Ragers" fault. You can"t insult and taunt the opponent when Randolph and Richardson are dunking on you at will on every possession.

And as a fan of anything Maize and Blue, you should be downright frightened that the Spartans own Crisler.

You know there"s a problem when the kids in the yellow shirts leave early.

You know there"s a problem when the The Victors, played by the pep band, is drowned out by Michigan State fans" fight song a cappela.

You know there"s a problem when the game changes from a basketball game to a murder.

And worst of all, sitting in President Lee Bollinger"s seats two Michigan State fans.

When the president won"t even show up at the biggest game of the season, you have to wonder how pathetically unimportant this team is to the University.

Are you upset? Are you embarrassed? Are you frustrated?

You may not be able to fire Brian Ellerbe, or find that year-breaking recruit. But you do have a voice.

Some fans have the will to wait this program out. If you believe in Michigan basketball, by all means, keep hoping. But if you"re a fan who wants changes, show it! Either don"t come to the games, or if you do, show Athletic Director Bill Martin what you want.

Make signs, wear green t-shirts, talk to rich alumni who have connections anything you can do it"s your team, too.

Do it for no better reason than the fact that Michigan State coach Tom Izzo supports Ellerbe and states that Michigan is a program on its way up. Funny, but didn"t he say that last year?

And why wouldn"t Izzo support the Wolverines? It"s two easy victories each year.

After the murderous rampage, Ellerbe and several players made excuses. Only heart-filled Chris Young admitted some of the Wolverines just stopped trying.

And in response one fan said: "If they are going to quit on me, maybe I"ll quit on them."

Full article from the Daily, published 2/1/2001.


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better than the Big House and a rejuvenated Crisler. Reminds me of the times I was at the Razorbacks brand new home in 2004 watching that wrecking crew in what is a state of the art arena. It is very exciting to sit in a 'new' arena to watch big time basketball. There is such wide disparity between arenas in college basketball. This has been along overdue renovation. It is simply awesome that Michigan is doing the work to bring this facility up to par.