New Commit for recruiting class of 2029

Submitted by Benoit Balls on July 12th, 2011 at 9:06 PM


Lucas Stephen Johnson is the newest commit to Michigans 2029 recruiting class. His father, who posesses no athetic talent whatsoever, is very hopeful that Luke will take after his elders, a number of whom are over 6'4" and 275 lbs

Most interesting, while my wifes OBGYN was finishing up the stitches she noticed my Michigan t-shirt (everyone notices here in Columbus) and she proceeded to tell me that although she was an OSU alum, she is now "100% rooting for Michigan".  The reason? She grew up in Kettering, OH and was the captain of the cheerleading squad at Fairmont East High School when Brady Hoke was the captain of the football team (I knew he was from Kettering, had never heard of Fairmont East, I looked it up, and she was right. I'm inclined to believe she wasn't b.s. ing). She also added that she has been friends with Laura Hoke since they were both 12 years old.

She could not say enough nice things about both Coach Hoke and Mrs. Coach Hoke. She said that Coach Hoke is exactly as we all see him to be, honest, hard working, and a phenomenal person with a wonderful family.

I know, I know..."Cool story, Bro", but please forgive me. This is the first baby for my wife and I and I was already excited, and being able to tie this day to Michigan Football and the tremendously tremendous Coach Hoke just made it that much better





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If he ends up being 5'8" 160lb, remember, we could use kickers too. :)  And those guys get $400,000 per year in the NFL.

Congrats to you and your family on the new addition!


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Congrats man.  My little linebacker from the class of 2028 just turned 1 a couple weeks ago (for those of you familiar with this stuff, he's 34" tall and weighs 30lbs).  You've got a big year in store, and as long as you've got ample patients, it will be the best.


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Haha, awesome mistake by me.  I sell medical devices, and in emails and other notes I type the word "patients" a thousand times a day.  Muscle memory, I guess.

But no, you do not need patients to raise a child.  Unless you are a doctor and you need patients to earn money, then you do because babies are expensive.

Blue in Yarmouth

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Dude, you should think of perhaps directing him toward the o-line or d-line if his size keeps on that trajectory. I have quadruplet 3 year olds (3 boys and a girl) and the biggest of the boys isn't a whole lot bigger than your one year old and he is in the 95 percentile for his age in both weight and height. That is pretty incredible for a one year old.

Oh, and congrats to the OP. You guys are lucky your kids are younger because my 3 boys are taking up all three LB spots in the class of 2026.

True Blue in CO

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increase the number of Michigan fans here in Columbus is to raise them here. Lucas will need to develop thick skin and hoping he will beam with Michigan pride every November. Congrats to the Johnson family.