New Coaches not helping Seniors

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Frankly this makes me sick. Greg Banks while talking on twitter said that Wellman and Hoke are not helping him prepare for pro football. Essentially seniors who aren't first round picks aren't welcome. This shit doesn't fly, or even come close to flying. You don't shut down one of the leaders preparing for the draft. If this is true all the respect I gained from presser and after is so far gone. It's fucking embarrasing Wellman is bailing on seniors, fucking bullshit if you ask me. DB better do something ASAP.!/gsmooth92


Check it out, be prepared to be disgusted. RR was hated by a lot of LC fans, but  he never ever ever bailed like this. It's appalling , disgusting, BS, and it's just wrong. You better damn well take care of our seniors, or don't try and bullshit that you give a fuck. Hey Wellman you fucking douche, Barwis helped people who were not even team members, let alone people who spent 5 years developing players you depends on greatly. 



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Aren't we still two S&C coaches shorter than a normal staff? Maybe we would a have an extra one laying around if it weren't for sanctions?

I don't think this is that big of a deal, even if he doesn't get helped by draft day. The staff's responsibility is that of people on the team.

This is why kids make such a big deal about committing to teams that do not have any stability issues. Has the new staff even helped the current team at all? Or have they spent all of their time preparing. This guy is graduating, maybe trying out for the draft. I don't see how that is a Michigan responsibility. Professional courtesy perhaps but not responsibility. If the staff had been around for a year and a player like this was around, I would have more expectations of this player getting the help he wants. These trainers aren't at the whim of Greg Banks. Ready to work out when he is.

Perhaps he should go out and find help. Get some people that will are experts at getting kids NFL draft ready, instead of just some college coaches.

The program is in major turmoil still, and we're worrying about a senior that isn't going to get drafted that still has two months to prepare and whether he's getting the right amount of face time with the staff? Program first, professional courtesies after.

And is he still on the team? Does any of this have any ramifications towards practice time? I don't know the rules? I wouldn't mind them clarified.

Aren't we still two S&C coaches shorter than a normal staff? Maybe we would a have an extra one laying around if it weren't for sanctions?


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Mrider - now is the time for a new username. You're officially on my "neg-on-sight" list of one.

This is bullshit, not what we need on our site 3 days before NSD. To use language you'll understand, it'd very FUCKING uncool of you to spreading this unsubstantiated BULLSHIT around the M community, and getting Desmond involved? Seriously.

Once negs are back, I promise your ASS will be in BOLIVIA for good. I just booked a room under Matt Rider at Red Roof Inn - La Paz.


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It's not contacting... It's tweeting. If your too stupid to realize the difference, then I'm sorry. I can tweet Tiger Woods, I don't know him but I am a fan of his. If Darian Cooper comes to Michigan I would be a fan of his also. Thus the simple tweet, perhaps you guys don't get the dynamics of twitter. If Darian minded people tweeting at him he would lock his twitter and only accept people he knew. Stop trying to nitpick for stupid shit.



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No fact, nothing, just something a former player said. How is it we can trust his tweeted word 100%, but those of us willing to give Hoke the benefit of the doubt are the ones who don't get it? How is this ANY different than how RR was treated when he got to Michigan?

MGoEasyRider or whoever the hell you are, I hope you realize that by tweeting to Desmond you are contributing to the problem. We know nothing about the situation, but apparently it's enough to condemn Hoke forever? What? 




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If the guy hasn't figured out how to lift by the time he's a fifth year senior, there is nothing a S&C coach can do for him.  The NFL Combine is pretty clear on what kind of weight lifting they have kids do and I'm sure with a Michigan education Banks can google up that list of exercises and start working on them.  It's not like he's being denied access to the facility or Wellman is ordering kids/staff not to spot him, he's just not getting personal attention from the S&C coach.  

Also for the record, Wellman does have recruiting duties, namely hosting type things.  Kids are are thinking about playing us typically want to meet the S&C guy.  Plus he's running small group workouts all day.


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First off prove that point. I'd like to the Tweet where Banks flat out says "I'm banned from Michigan facilities." Not "Wellman isn't helping me bench" but rather something along the lines of his MCard won't pop the door and let him into the facility. I only ever played club hockey and my card will still pop that door and I've gotten help from S&C guys in passing. Banks specifically talked about helping him prepare for the NFL draft. Not "I'm banned from team workouts". My understanding is right now none of the seniors are getting help for NFL workouts. Wellman is splitting his time between hosting visitors and installing his system. When the team (all 80+ athletes) know the system and the drills he'll then have the free time to do one on ones because assistants can supervise the group drills. No one is getting one on ones right now. The focus is the the team and once the team understands the direct the new regime is going then people will get individual attention. It isn't that Banks was told to get lost, it is that the focus of the program is on small group drills.

Keep assuming you know everything about the condition of the program from a 140 character Tweet or two though.


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But by continuing it now, there is no excuse. 

Again, take some deep breaths and use some freaking common sense to think about the situation and ask yourself these questions. 

What is priority one for the new staff? 

Also think about what their lives entail right now....

But I suppose you will just keep playing the angry man...



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and thats a big "IF", Banks is an RR apologist and doesnt really approve of the whole CC situation. Maybe this could be his way of supporting the ex-coach since he wont be able to have a voice on the team anymore. Its all speculation though, as again, we are going off of a twitter conversation. This is pretty ludicrous in my opinion. Trying to get ex-Wolverines involved (D Howard) is stupid but I think he's smart enough to know what to do with this.


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He doesn't even know everyone's name yet I'm sure! He's probably getting the younger guys ready first and figures the seniors should know something by now so he'll deal with them last. 

Eye of the Tiger

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You don't really know anything about the circumstances or context of this tweet, and are grasping at something--anything--to justify lingering resentments about RR's firing.  It's all very Rosendouchey, TBH.  Please give Hoke and his staff some time to prove whether who they are and how they do things before announcing the start of the inquisition, mmm-kay?


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Banks knows where Dave Brandon's office is. if he was truly concerned, he wouldn't be messaging a former player - he'd be notifying the AD that his new employees are not helping the way they should.

the fact you're unrepentant likely will bring the ban hammer


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The more I read this thread the more it makes me laugh. Mrider you are officially THAT guy. You got wasted at your grandma's birthday party and then tweeted Desmond Howard about the atrocities you unearthed on twitter. To sum it up, we are all better off for not really knowing you. Pace your self next year at grandma's birthday for the sake of everyone involved. Maybe stop at 3 Zimas?


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Tweeting to ex-players and current recruits is probably the lamest thing ever unless your Tom VH gathering info. I know you probably think its cool MRider but really, it not. Not at all. Its sad and ridiculous, your making us all look bad and it makes you look pathetic. 

You really do deserve to be sent to Bolivia, and I hope once the point system is up and running again Brian puts your ass so far in the hole you'll never be able to start a thread ever again. This was uncalled for, your a nutbag.

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UPDATE with actual information:  There's a post at GBW that details all of this from Sam Webb.  I don't know if he'll mention it on the radio or not.

I'm not going to copy and paste it or paraphrase it.  Someone else is more than welcome to.  

Quick summary, IF a former player asks for assistance, they will receive it.  But the S&C staff's priority is the current team.  As noted above, Carlos Brown was in working out last week.