New Coaches not helping Seniors

Submitted by mrider on January 30th, 2011 at 2:19 AM

Frankly this makes me sick. Greg Banks while talking on twitter said that Wellman and Hoke are not helping him prepare for pro football. Essentially seniors who aren't first round picks aren't welcome. This shit doesn't fly, or even come close to flying. You don't shut down one of the leaders preparing for the draft. If this is true all the respect I gained from presser and after is so far gone. It's fucking embarrasing Wellman is bailing on seniors, fucking bullshit if you ask me. DB better do something ASAP.!/gsmooth92


Check it out, be prepared to be disgusted. RR was hated by a lot of LC fans, but  he never ever ever bailed like this. It's appalling , disgusting, BS, and it's just wrong. You better damn well take care of our seniors, or don't try and bullshit that you give a fuck. Hey Wellman you fucking douche, Barwis helped people who were not even team members, let alone people who spent 5 years developing players you depends on greatly. 



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Came in, read Mr. Rider's first few comments, started packing his bags for Bolivia. Seriously, its not even the broad assumption based claim he made, but how he wrote it. F-bomb this and F-bomb that, seemed like every other word was some variation of" fuck". Oh...but its OK, he's drunk! I never understood why people act like complete jackasses when they're under the influence. Hell, I've had more than a few tonite, and I am perfectly calm, waiting for RELIABLE INFORMATION.

Mr. Rider apparently doesn't want a bright future for the program, since he wants Hoke in AA working Banks out instead of saving the recruiting class. The draft is still a few months away. NSD is Wed. Hoke has his priorities straight. Do you? Next time you have some drinks, stay away from the keyboard, bucco.


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Everyone saying stuff about wanting Hoke being here to work the players out vs recruit them... what?  I don't think people are saying Hoke should be here helping the players work out, but that the S&C staff, who are not going to be out recruiting, should be helping Banks and the other seniors work out and prepare.  Hoke and recruiting are not relevant, stop bringing them up.

Pretty much the only important question here is this: Are Wellman and his staff just too busy getting the new S&C regime set up with the players who will be here next year to help out the seniors right now (but will help them out as soon as they can), or are they just not helping out the seniors because they don't care to/other reason?


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Read the original thread he said wellman and Hoke are not working banks out. We are giving alternatives for what Hoke and wellman could be doing. Hoke should be out recruiting and spending as much time getting to know current players. Not to mention moving his family and finding 2 more position coaches. Wellman is trying to get his program going and getting settled in to a new area. Watching the video with wellman he says he doesn't even know allthe players names yet.
Everyone calm down


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Has anyone confirmed whether Greg Banks truly posted the tweet about the lack of S&C staff help on workouts?  Someone else could have gotten a hold of Banks' account info and in sympathy to the old S&C staff, posted the tweet to make the new S&C staff look bad..

Was the S&C staff approached directly and specifically for workout assistance?  The S&C staff are not mind readers.  They just came on board and are still trying to get oriented to their new environment.  This could simply be a communications issue.

Unless an effort has been made to resolve this issues internally, these concerns should not aired publicly.

This is reminiscent of the Brock Mealer incident.  Is there a conspiracy to discredit the new S&C staff?

Don't get your shorts all bunched up before you know the facts.  Don't let the Free Press & Drew "Not So" Sharp drag you down to their level.  Act on fact!





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Glad that Matt got wasted for his grandma's birthday. Somebody lock up his twitter account before he makes himself look even more like a tool.


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That's a conclusion Mr. Rider jumped to, along with a host of other assumptions about what is happening. Banks knows he has no chance of getting drafted. He is preparing for workouts -- he will get a few invites from NFL teams, just like hundreds of other players.

The new S&C coach (Aaron Wellman) is implementing a new system for the team, and hasn't had time to put anything together for those who are planning to do NFL workouts. The draft isn't until the end of April, and as I understand it, a player like Banks won't start hearing from NFL teams until after that. Mr. Rider's assumption that Hoke and Wellman aren't going to help Banks get ready is total bullshit.


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Perhaps you should take the time to write an email to Brandon asking if what you are hearing is true and then suggesting in much more professional terms than you are using here that it does not portray UM in positive light if it is not supporting those youngsters that gave blood, sweat, and tears over some of UM's toughest years.  Frankly, I think that will generate a better response than your over the top diatribe.   And on second thought, perhaps you should not write the email because it does not appear you are capable of rational discourse.

And secondly, perhaps you should take a deep breath after you are done stalking players on tweet and try and find out if everything stated is accurate.   I imagine you also likely blew up when you read the inaccurate accounts about Barwis and Mealer. 

Understand that with change, there is always some transition messiness that needs worked out.  


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Believing in yourself is the first step. Honestly, if you'd been working as hard as these guys do for four years and you had a chance to go work out for an NFL team and then probably spend a week or two in an NFL training camp, wouldn't you do it? Plus, you never know -- weirder things have happened.

It's not like Greg isn't planning to graduate.


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Why don't you try to reasonably find out exactly what is going on.  As someone suggested above, maybe write DB an email and find out what is going on or wait until after NSD. 

I would be shocked that Hoke would not help.  He has sent people to the NFL and we all saw how much support he has gotten from players that went ot the NFL and players who have not. 


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Some s & c staffs don't know how to prepare their guys for the NFL combine. It's completely different than normal s & c. Then there are some s & c that do the combine training but don't know how to do it properly and hurt more then help.


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maybe he is over-reacting.  But we all have to keep an eye on this.  Our seniors were loyal to the program.  Many could have jumped after the 2009 season.  But they know, those who stay will be champions.

I, for one, will give Hoke and Wellman the benefit of the doubt on this one.  However, after signing day and things get settled in, I would hope that our seniors, the guys who stuck with us over the worst 3 years in our history, would get some help training for the NFL draft. 

These are Michigan Men for sure.  We have to stick together.  I would like to see that any former football player have access to the facilities.  Now the current team comes first, but if a former player wants to workout with a couple other players, then why not.  What is it going to hurt?  Maybe the time slot availability is not the greatest but some of the assisstants could help as well.  Just my opinion


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I would think that Hoke knows this otherwise he should not be here.  I think the last 2 weeks has been crazy and things may and i stress may have been missed.  Also, could be misunderstanding.  Whether you are a Hoke supporter or not, it is hard to believe a players coach, and one who has so much support from past players would do this.  I would be shocked if this is true.


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Despite all of that, I still can't believe it. The OP was bad. A tweet to Desmond? I think Beavis and Butthead should go apologize to Hoke and Wellman in person. "Huh, huh, huh, dude, I was drunk" should go a long way.


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1.  Why do you take what Banks twitters as gospel?

2.  Better yet, why is Banks twittering this at all--to twits like all of us-- instead addressing it to those who can do something about it--Hoke, or the Athletic Deparment if the football department is being inappropriate.

3.  "aren't" helping isn't the same as "won't" help.

4.  Give people time to move in--give us a few days to recruit.  Hell, let's finish filling our staff.

5.  The effing draft isn't even until April 22--jeez relax.

6.  Unless you're related to Banks, your anger seems just a tad over-the-top---don't you think?


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It is cool that we get a glimpse into Mr Riders life though. Getting wasted for relatives birthdays, jumping to conclusions, angrily lashing out at the world, and harassing former athletes.


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good enough for the NFL is NOT the issue.  So, if I read your post correctly, we should "cut bait" with anyone that YOU think is not good enough for the NFL draft?  Are you related to Les Miles or other coaches in teh SEC?

Are you fucking stupid?  I dont care if a guy on the kick-off team wants to work out, he should be allowed.  We always treat former players in high regard.  Miles is the guy who recruits then pulls scholarships and leaves guys hanging in the wind.

Michigan is better than that.  The facts are not in yet and we all need to calm the fuck down. Lets wait until after NSD and then re-evaluate.  If a former player wants to work out in the weight room, then he has certainly earned that right.  If any of the S&C staff has some free time then the staff should work out with him.  This is Michigan.